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Perspective ILM: Bringing Easy-to Implement Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) is a process used for analysing data and presenting information to aid corporate executives, business managers, analysts and operational staff to make more informed business decisions. Once an expensive undertaking, BIsoftware platforms today have become much more accessible.The growing need for lower cost deploymentof BI solutions laid the foundation of Perspective ILM, a provider of Business Intelligence implementation software on the MicrosoftBI Platform. Started as the software division of BizData, a leading Microsoft Business Intelligenceand Data Warehouse Implementation services company, Perspective ILM brings a simplified approach toimplementBI solutions.

Perspective ILM brings a suite of tools that addresses both the challenges of quickly establishing a robust data warehouse (Data Governor)and a central hub for distribution of information and self-service consumption (Enterprise BI Portal).“Our mission is to deliver targeted information across an enterprise more cost effectively, every time” says Nadav Rayman,Director of Sales and Marketing.

Perspective ILM since its inception has focused on developing innovative solutions to thereal implementation challenges faced byclients.When itcomes to Data Warehouses,they are typically implemented tooslowlyand are also too expensivetochange.The supporting processes forData Warehouses are also often excessively complex to manage.In addition,itcan be too difficult for business staffto locate BI Assets and create newreports across a wide rangeof tools.

Perspective ILM, brings the most practical solutions to these challenges.Perspective-Data Governor,automates the creation and management of a data warehouse by providing a wizard-driven process to on-board new data sources in a matter of minutes, maintain a historical view of all changes to data across multiple sources, and create resilience with dependency checks and automated reconciliation.
Perspective-Enterprise BI Portal enables an organisation to organise lots of reports, from lots of platforms,delivered to lots of users, by integrating tools across the Microsoft BI suite such as Power BI,ExcelServices,Reporting Services and Datazen aswellas other visualisation tools in a single portal.Content can then be organised by a company’s business structure and terminology,and report clutter reduced by targeting reports to particular roles in an organisation.

“PerspectiveILM has evolved over a decade of implementation experience to provide clients with practical solutions to common problems. Development of new product features and enhancements is ongoing through continual review of client implementations of the softwareand a direct feedback network that connects clients directly to the product development team,”says Mark Matthews, Managing Director, Perspective ILM.

PerspectiveILM since its inception has focused on developing innovative solutions to the realimplementation challenges faced by clients

Perspective ILM has a portfolio of clients servingthe leading players across Health Care, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Mining, and Technology sectors.In the first half of 2016,the company will release new cloud versions thatleverage Microsoft Azure PaaS and provide seamless integration with the Cortana Analytics Suite.The future visionis to evolve the software beyond productivity to learningsystems that providetailored recommendationstotheuser.The organization also has a commitment to multiple releases per year foreachofthe products to ensure that changes in the Microsoftplatform and general trendsindata managementcanbeincorporated quickly.