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BeamD: Empowering Thailand’s Retail Industry

As the retail market becomes increasingly complex with multiple points of sale and supply, retailers need enhanced flexibility and speed to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace. At this juncture, market knowledge, as well as control of data and information has become the key to remain competitive. Once averse to technology, retailers are now realizing the benefits of deploying management information systems (MIS) to handle their internal business processes. Today, they are wholeheartedly embracing advanced retail information management systems to cope with this industry wide shift. Thailand’s retail industry too has undergone several changes over the past few years. In order to support the country’s retail businesses, a group of consultants from Global Technology Consulting firm teamed up and founded BeamD to provide cost effective MIS solutions. Founded in 2007, the company provides technology solution and implementation services such as XnappSales with Mobility Technology, SAP ECC, SAP Business One and Acceval’s PriXLence application. The company also specializes in system integration.

Suphannee Trivithayanurak, Managing Director says, “Retail consultants and subject matter experts at BeamD deliver high quality services during project engagements.” The company delivers project management office, change management and data migration management solutions. The XnappSales suite, deployed across 18 countries, covers sales solution, merchandising and delivery. XnappSales takes care of replenishment, demand fulfillment and in-store execution while empowering, monitoring and controlling in-store behavior of sales representatives. The software benefits consumer goods and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors,. Besides, BeamD also deploys PriXLence suite—Acceval's award winning edge Price / Margin Management software, built on SAP's Netweaver platform.
It’s a web-based application that improves price setting, enhances accuracy of customer, product & channel profitability measurement and identifies the source of marginleakage and policy weakness.

BeamD is committed to supporting Thailand’s retail businesses and to remain competitive in the key retail markets such as Hong Kong and Singapore

BeamD’s FMCG clients, running traditional businesses, often need modern, competitive, efficient, effective, transparent and lean IT systems to take on the competitive marketplace. Nearly 165 local distributors, who distribute consumer products across Thailand, sought BeamD’s expertise while implementing global solution for Distribution Management System with integrated mobility technology to fit their business requirements. The company had to draw an ambitious plan to engage distributors in the project. To overcome the hurdles, BeamD implemented a change management approach to make readiness assessment and change impact analysis. This Bangkok based company also works on Thai language localization and customization. The company has developed in-house validation tools to facilitate and speed up data migration. These tools also augment existing data and improve accuracy.

BeamD is committed to supporting Thailand’s retail businesses and to remain competitive in the key retail markets such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Some of its elite clients include Unilever Thai Trading Limited, Unilever (Myanmar) Services Ltd and Unilever Asia Private Limited. The company plans to deepen its focus on e-Tailing and Social media platform services, apart from expanding in the ASEAN Economic Community market. Suphannee concludes, “Our plan in 2016 is to support Thailand’s SME retail entrepreneurs, allowing them to be more competitive, efficient, effective and scalable in their businesses.”