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Braintree: Simplifying Payment Processing Options across Platforms

Mobile payments are quickly growing in popularity because they offer consumers several benefits as compared to traditional cash payments. Given the ease-of-use associated with mobile payments, they are expected to amass popularity in years to come. However, businesses continue to face challenges in online and mobile payment processing, which deters them to embrace this trend. A group of enthusiastic students from the University of Chicago identified the potential that this field had and thus founded Braintree, a global payment processing provider for mobile and online merchants.. Founded in 2007, the organization’s prime objective is to transform mobile payments and drive the future of commerce forward, , while providing a delightful experience to the customers. Braintree powers payments for thousands of online and mobile commerce partners. “Whether a one-person startup or a large online retailer, Braintree is here to help our merchants from their first dollar to their billionth and beyond. We’re committed to helping our merchants grow by making payments easier, faster and more secure,” says Tyson Hackwood, Head of APAC.

Fast, simple and secure, Braintree's v.zero SDK allows merchants to accept payments through multiple channels including PayPal, Venmo, Android Pay, Apple Pay, bitcoin and credit cards. The company offers payment gateway and payment processing services, allowing customers to easily move money between financial institutions and merchants. Braintree has developed v.zero SDK to ease development and make deployments seamless. It also provides technical support to the developers who implement products at the merchant site. The company helps businesses facing issues in setting up their online payment systems.
Using its SDK and with only a few lines of code, systems can begin processing payments. The company’s payment solutions are so competent that anyone looking to sell can process payments through its gateway, regardless of its scale, size or location.

Braintree maintains the highest level of security around data storage which is critical for businesses

Braintree values security and its systems are PCI compliant. It maintains the highest level of security around data storage which is critical for businesses. Ample time and resources are invested in order to prevent the risk of losing highly sensitive customer information. Besides, customer satisfaction is integral to the organization’s policies. So, the company invests time in building quick, effective and helpful customer service experience.

Almost a decade ago, when Braintree was just starting out, there were significant drawbacks in the payments processing space. Braintree’s founders personally sold credit card processing from door to door, with a focus on stellar customer service and tried to mitigate the distrust among merchants about credit cards. Braintree was in fact among the first few to embrace the mobile trend and PCI Compliance, standards not prevalent in 2007. By heavily investing in its resources, launching Pinterest’s buyable pins and PayPal Commerce, the company provided seamless, easy and secure solutions for mobile payments. Today, Braintree helps entrepreneurs, developers and innovators build delightful commerce experiences for their customers.

The company has worked with various established names such as Airbnb, Uber, GitHub, Facebook and Pinterest among others. The Company is committed towards expanding its open platform and its global footprint to enhance the future of mobile commerce. “Our spirit, however, remains the same and we are continuously committed to powering the future of commerce,” Tyson concludes.