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Hyperion Labs: Boosting the Retail Industry Businessand Generating Footprint with Their Mobile Application ‘beely’

Hyperion Labs, a business solution provider company for the retail industry,entered the market at a time when the Malaysian economy wasgetting into an indecision phase. With the implementation of Goods and Tax services in April 2015, the consumer behaviour and expenditure got severely affected as the retail prices increased significantly. Adding this to the market woes, several retail businesses were getting ramped down.That’s when Bobby Ong, Founder and CEO of Hyperion Labs decided to intervene, by creating an innovative and revolutionary marketing platform in the form of amobile application – beely with the aim to go above and beyond the on-location experience and to engage users through gamified content.

A very talented team of Hyperions has conducted extensive research and easily figured out that conventional marketing campaigns were being rendered obsolete, digital marketing solutions are expensive and the return on investment (ROI) was not as expected. Bobby also noted that many retail businesses were going online as an attempt to survive in the overload market and many brick and mortar stores were falling behind. Based on this, Hyperion Labs designed beely to lend a hand to retailers caught in a state of cul-de-sac to catch up and stay ahead in the competition. Since beginning of 2015, Hyperion Labs has been solving several retail business issues for their partners by increasing footprints, through beely.

Through beely, the entire consumer behaviour process has been gamified to enhance the location-based experiences of their users utilising a proximity service system with the use of ibeacons. This allows beelions (that’s how they call their users) to see their time rewarded in these locations. For every five minutes they will spend at a beely location, they will get a beely coin.
Amazing specials (can be a cup of coffee to a free meal) can then be exchanged with the beely coins. At the same time, the app as a gamified purpose as well, allowing users to collect XP and level up, through challenges and referrals. Bobby adds, “The whole idea is to allow users to play and unlock real-world rewards by physically visiting a place. Statistical data will be generated on every visit. This will help business owners to strategically execute their marketing efforts through beely.”

Although beely is currently aimed for the challenging F&B industry, it’s been designed in a way that suits every industry. With the aid of their exceptionally skilled team, the company has strategized to enhance offline and online market presence for their partners.

We have developed the most unique concept in proximity marketing, creating a completely new consumer experience behaviour.

For a customer-centric and product-based company like Hyperion Labs, quality over quantity is always critical and, consequently,the company is more focused on providing enhanced quality services rather than only converging on increasing the number of clients. “It’s better to have 100 customers who love your product than 1,000 customers who just like your product,” further elaborates Bobby Ong, the master behind beely.

Keeping in mind that quality shouldn’t be compromised, Hyperion Labs has charted out their future where they will focus on the advancement of beely. Currently just operating in Malaysia, they have set goals of broadening their beely powered locations to various parts of Asia within the next three years.Hyperion Labs has also set its marksof achieving 1000 beelypowered locations and hit app users as high as 20,000 in their first year.With a confident outlook about beely’s performance, Bobby wraps up by saying, “In the third quarter of 2016, we will introduce point-farming via television and radio broadcasts. By that time, beely will be used regionally.”