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Sprooki: Combining Technology and Data Intelligence to Help Retailers Engage and Transact with Today’s Connected Consumers

The marketing landscapehas transformed worldwide with constant evolution from emerging and disruptive technologies. These technological interventions have been prevalent across all the sectors and have also changed the way people shop. This has also created the need to align retail operations with technology and shopper behaviour. Shopperstoday are more connected and thus, retailers too need to upgrade and infuse technology into their operations to engage their consumers.Back in 2011, two digital marketing professionals Claire Mula and Michael Gethen identified this need for technology upgrade among retailers and thus, founded Sprooki. Their vision was to help retailers better engage and transact with today’s connected shoppers.

Sprooki brings a comprehensive “mobile-first” platform that helps retailers engage with their customers in more intelligent and relevant ways. The team at Sprooki works towards equipping retailers with an award-winning,cloud-based platform which offers a complete “connected shopper” toolkit that they can use to gather customer data and drive greater response, traffic and sales through connecting Sprooki’s platform to their own websites, social sites or mobile applications.

The company follows a data driven approach wherein campaigns are created on the basis of customer profiles such as demographics, purchase history, social profile and combined with contextual data such as the customer’s current location, situation and behavioural changes overtime. Thereafter, by combining the latest technology with customer data and predictive analytics, Sprooki helps its retail-sector clients to serve their customers in more personalized and relevant ways and with measurable results.

“Our experience, based on significant amounts of customer data, tells us that the closer shoppers are to a store, the more receptive they are to respond to messages from those brands. Through capturing measurable campaign and customer data, we also learned one of the most important factors in determining a high lifetime value for mobile customers is correlated with the time it takes to complete their first mobile transaction,” explains Claire Mula, Executive Director, Sprooki.
To empower retail brands across Asia, Sprooki has developed various modules that play a crucial role in driving greater response, sales frequency and growth. Starting with a base Campaign module, Sprooki has also developed SprookiRewardsTM, SprookiShopTM, SprookiAnalyticsTM and Sprooki IndoorTM modules. The modular approach aims to give retailers a comprehensive “head-start”on top of which to customise and quickly deploy the latest and most effective technology for connected shoppers.

Sprooki brings a comprehensive and “mobile-first” platform that helps retailers engage and transact with today’s connected customers in more intelligent and relevant ways.

Sprooki’s platform has a customer footprint of over 4,000+retail stores and 1,500 retail brands in Asia. “Sprooki has simplified the complex task of effectively communicating with shoppers by offering a comprehensive suite of ready-to-go modules that clients can either customize or launch to win more customers when and where they choose to shop,” details Michael Gethen, Managing Director, Sprooki. With its extensive in-market experience and localised support for Asia-based clients, the organization has carved a distinguished client base of Asia’s leading retail enterprises which includes Far East Organisation, AsiaMalls, Lend Lease Asia-Pacific, Eu Yan Sang, SSI Group Ltd, Rustan’s Department Stores and Crescent Mall.

Sprooki’s area of focus is to enable commerce in more intelligent, relevant ways expected by today’s connected consumers. They do this through offering an award-winning cloud-based platform and implementation services that demonstrates measurable results for retail sector brands such as higher response, store traffic, sales conversion and frequency when compared to traditional communication channels retailers may be using today.

As the world continues to shift to mobile devices and today’s connected shoppers expect more from retail brands, Sprooki’s platform approach aims to make it simple, affordable and effective for retail sector brands to quickly get to market and ultimately serve their customers better.