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25 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers

AgilizTech: Rendering Customized Software and Application Development

The key to running a successful enterprise is to have astrong application management software which ensures enhanced collaboration and mitigates mistakes in the processes. Agile adoption has come up as a new frontier that can provide businesses with the needed push. Although, it is easy to implement agile methodologies in a new organization, adapting to the agile lifecycle is a herculean feat for an established conglomerate companies. At thisjuncture, Enterprisesdemandcustomized services that understand and respondswell to the requisites of individual companies. AgilizTech, a specialist in web and mobile application development focuses on doing just that for its clients.Based in Bangalore, India,AgilizTechhas mastered the delivery of company-specific software through their Application Development, Mobile-App Development and Outsourcing services.Ganesh BabuVasanthaRajan, Founder and CEO,AgilizTech, adds, “At AgilizTech, we believe it’s important to understand the needs of our customer as well as the entire value chain.” Thus, the company develops state-of-art technology products that make a lasting difference to customers and bring-forth high impact results.

Being a service-oriented company, AgilizTech offers custom software development services. The various engagement models provided by the company includeProfessional Services Engagement, Project Engagement and Term Engagement. In Professional Services Engagement, the company focusses on the clients’ project issues and resolves them accordingly. Through its Project Engagement model, the company takes up end-to-end ownership of the project. In Term Engagement, clientssign up short term or long term associations with the company.
Speaking about the key difference thatAgilizTech brings to the IT market, Ganesh states, “Our unique differentiator is in our ability to partner with clients at all levels of engagement and respond to their needs with agility and a sense of responsibility.”The web applications designed by AgilizTech work under extremely high web traffic and maximum data load.

AgilizTech develops state-of-art technology products that make a lasting difference to customers and bring-forth high impact results

The uniqueness in AgilizTech software lies in its design for scalability, security and optimized performance, with undivided focus on the needs of the potential client. All the projects that the company undertakes are based on PHP, Java and .Net. The software quality and dedication that AgilizTech’s vibrant team offers, sets them apart from the others in the industry.Through rigorous training sessions and experience in Open Source, Microsoft, Mobile and Testing, these resources constantly gain insights in software development. Besides, by upholding itsgoal-orientated, customer-centric and structured approach to project management and agilityin its core value, this leading software companyaligns with the growing trends in the industry and meets the users demands. People, technology and process are the company’s pillars that hold it strong and tall.

With its focus on customer experience, agility, on-time & quality services and innovation driven software solutions, AgilizTech has so far worked with clients across Europe, Middle East and Arabia, Asia Pacific region and Japan. Abiding byits high-end quality services, AgilizTechis planning to increaseits clientele twofold in the current year. The company also intends to launch its new product in the sports segment by June this year to boost its growth.