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Devworkz: Simplifying Enterprise Collaboration through No-code, Citizen Enabled Digital Workplaces& Applications

Given the current market scenario, organizations are deeply committed to embracing digital transformation, but also understand how operational and performance issues stemming from inefficient resources and technology management can have an adverse effect on productivity. This is the primary reason why collaborative tools and strategies help, and continue to help, employees be more engaged and aligned to delivering the required business outcomes.With these powerful platforms, it’s easier than ever to create simple and secure ways of sharing information and knowledge between teams and the systemizing of business process.

Founded in July of 2004 in Sydney, Australia, Devworkz seamlessly pairs its tailored products Appbuilder and Uihiro with the Nintex platform of class leading workflow, forms and mobility solutions. Using this trio of Appbuilder, Uihiro and Nintex, Devworkz runs customised SharePoint implementations and supports partners and managed service providers. The company provides a comprehensive program for the creation of workplace and business applications, integrations and portals for SharePoint. John Ackery, Founding Director, Devworkz explains, “Our single focus has been on the SharePoint platform and how to help our customers extend their investment by building no-code workplace solutions.

Devworkzhas helped teams and business units drive productivity, process accuracy and business insight through no-code, citizen enabled digital workplaces. Devworkz core offering Appbuilder removes the need for custom coding and the complexities of data integration, even citizen developers [non-programmers] can build, manage and refine simple to powerful solutions. With traditional relational data models, integration with most LOB data sources, rich security capabilities supporting dynamic navigation, reporting, dashboards and process state visualizations, these are flexible capabilities that can be embraced by operational teams. The no-code solutions approach encourages rapid agile development where business owners or process users can systematise and automate key activities in line with organizational needs or market place dynamics and priorities.
Devworkz automates business processes with a greater emphasis on practical solutions that saves costs, development time and resources.John insightfully adds, “When management teams understand how their essential processes can be boosted by blending ‘system automation’ with ‘people’ and their roles and responsibilities, the outcomes are amazing.”

Think of Appbuilder as a fast, easy and accessible way for everyone to build application logic that builds upon and just works with Nintex. This is comprehensive program of tools, training, templates, services, support etc.that transforms SharePoint into a potent application development stack with LOB integration and unification [read & write to SQL, SAP, Oracle, MS CRM, SalesForce, Lotus Notes etc.] is all included.

“Think of Appbuilder as a fast, easy and accessible way to build application logic that builds upon and just works with Nintex”

Devworkz’s other key product;Uihiro is a front-end framework for developing the users application experience for on-premise, hybrid, pure Office 365 and mobile ready projects. Uihiro extends the development options of Appbuilder with themes, design elements, components, widgets and responsive design for mobile, tablet or desktop view ports.
Application accelerators for both enterprise and workplace level solutions are also part of the mix. Built on Appbuilder, Uihiro and Nintex is a growing set of solutions e.g.compliance audit management for either digital systems and physical assets, risk management, injury management, staff services, to team solutions for operations, sales, human resources, budgeting etc.

As Microsoft has major plans for the platform, Devworkz has already put strategies in place with new Azure based cloud capabilities supporting the new hybrid Cloud model. Devworkz intends to continue its investment in tools and more importantly its accelerator’s to help further enable a whole of business approach where people, process and technology can be unified with organizational outcomes.