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25 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers

Elabor8: Guiding Enterprises Travelling the Agile Transformation Path

Agile, which grew out of the need to empower teams with greater control over every aspect of product development has replaced the traditional project management methodologies. The adoption of agile to cope with the most complex set of projects is only set to increase for technology companies. As it has brought in significant business improvements, being agile is shaping up to become the new industry order. With strategic experience in delivering successful agile projects, Elabor8 foundersAndrew Blain, Nam Huynh and Paul Velonismade it a mission to help organizations understand and trust agile in an entirely unique way. The leadership team created a company that would allow agile business analysts to work together and become thought leaders in the sector. With the aim to educate clients about the best use of business analysis and agile, Elabor8 started its journey while planning and executing challenging new projects.

The company’s focus on delivering value and providing strong client support using agile best practices has helped the firm to become a viable provider of strategic agile enablement services. Elabor8 in its formative years backed innovative ideas in creating a flexible and balanced project delivery approach to equip teams of progressive online companies who needed to be fast to market and nimble in their product delivery with true agile development.The track record of the founders in setting up proven processes at leading organizationsensured quality services and smooth running of operations. Paul says, “After establishing our brand and the quality of our work, our clients and also some of our peer companies began to realize our capabilities and request services from us in more strategic areas such as innovation and organizational agile transformation.”
Elabor8 provides services within three core spheres;Clarity –Elabor8 helps companies become connected, insightful and attuned about the real-world context in which the customers use their products, before finally providing a process for rapidly testing new ideas with actual consumers. Coherence –Elabor8 brings its own experience to educate businesses to be focused, lean, adaptive and robust. This is achieved by bringing execution into focus during the designing and implementation process. Capability –Elabor8 achieves delivery excellence by offering clients access to its team of experts to either help them accomplish great results fast, or coach their Product, Architecture, PMO, Delivery and Operations functions from the team level all the way up to the executive council. Paul adds, “Alternatively, we offer our clients additional development opportunities with access to practical training courses run in-house through Elabor8 Academy.”

Elabor8 brings its own experience to educate businesses to be focused, lean, adaptive and robust

Elabor8 is a leading provider of Innovation and Agility expertise. The wealth of knowledge within its consulting team consisting of expert and highly experienced consultants provide organizations the right mentoring and guidance that they need. By engaging with clients during every step of project development, the company effectively measures up the agile practices that will provide the most business value. Going forward, Elabor8 is building new capabilities specifically in Digital, User Experience, Product and Delivery Management within delivery services. The company also plans to further mature and grow strategic service lines for clients and reinforce Innovation and Product Design and Lean Business Architecture in their projects. Paul concludes, “Agile Transformation has now turned into a significant component of our business, and we will look to further mature and grow this service line to meet the ever growing demand we are experiencing from the market.”