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25 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers

JamBuster:Helping Enterprises Be Agile With Integrated Agile Lifecycle Tools!

With cloud and automation shifting software developemnt dynamics, agility is the most crucial advantage in managing your application development portfolio. Companies therefore look for an integrated stack of Agile Development Lifecycle tools which can manage their development better, faster and in a cost effective manner. Such integrated stack combined with their agile teams to respond to customer inputs rapidly, while developing complex applications.

Headquartered in Pune, India, JamBuster is a pioneer in providing exclusive integrated Agile Lifecycle tools and consulting services in transforming enterprise into agile teams! Its industry acclaimed solutionsalso brings a desired level of operational flexibility to lifecycle processes.

To ease customers' hardships, JamBuster provides a comprehensive three pronged solution which includes SoftALM and SoftAgile- integrated agile lifecycle stack of tools, consulting on transforming enterprise to agile and ensuring full support during adoptions. Satish Kamat, CEO, says, "JamBuster used its captive and outsourced experiences to develop two tools: SoftALM and SoftAgile." SoftALM is built for product focused teams like Software Product or larger IT groups building enterprise tools. SoftALM also provides integrated modules for Product Definition, Project Planning, Agile + waterfall Develop, Verify Quality and Customer Support. The Soft Agile tool, on the other hand, is a project focused team tool that integrates modules for managing agile teams, backlogs, test cases, regression, bug/defects and customer issues. This tool is suited for Services companies or smaller IT groups. Both of these tools need less than 5-minutes out-of-the-box setup to build an integrated Agile ALM stack.
With more than a decade of experience in R&D, Satish and Suneeta Kamat jointly incepted JamBuster in 2004 with a vision to build software products from India. The company back then used to provide its customers with application developmentservices and its customers were AirProducts,Symyx,&EXFO. However, the company picked its growth in the agile industry when Dr. Rene Roux (Symyx) suggested the founders about the monthly waterfall sprint ending with a release. When in 2006, EXFO gave JamBuster the opportunity to build their India Captive Centre, JamBuster learnt to leverage multi-functional sprints, stand-up scrum and daily reports. Suneeta Kamat,Director,elaborates,"Between 2006-13 JamBuster built, transferred and managed this 350 people strong India Center." By 2009, the scale of captive operation made it obvious that even a team of 25 needs agile project software, integrated with backlogs, test cases, defect and customer issues. Global software delivery experience combined with industry knowledge helped JamBuster to build such tool by 2011. This earned JamBuster the prestigious EMERGE 50 2011 AWARD from NASSCOM and the company was listed among 20 Most Promising Cloud Companies.

JamBuster is a pioneer in providing exclusive integrated Agile Lifecycle tools and consulting services in transforming enterprise into agile teams

JamBuster's support philosophy is to directly connect customers with its product scrum teams to ensure completeagile conformity. The company has worked for BCT, EXFO, Sun Pharma, MusicIP,Air Product, DuPont and Dow,to name a few.With the release of 2016 versions of SoftALM and SoftAgile, JamBuster continues to add integration features with other popular tools, and soon these tools will have Chinese and Japanese language support. JamBuster remains committed to offer full Agile ALM stack with integration to DevOp stacks so that its customers are free to craft great software-a step that would further fortify the company's current leadership position in the industry.