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SmartDev LLC:Handholding Enterprises in Agile Software Development Practices

Software development is a complex undertaking and is often fraught with many uncertainties.The methodology and practices followed during software development are critical components for success. They must be flexible enough to accommodate regular changes, focus on business value and yet, leave enough room to improve quality and time-to-market.Agile software development is one of the proven and widely followed methodologies in streamlining software development process and mitigating risks thereof.As the adoption of agile methodology picks up and software gets complex, enterprises need expert hands in guiding them through the agile software development life cycle (SDLC). Alexandre Cuva, Co-founder and CEO of SmartDev LLC, is an acclaimed Agile coach and his presence can bring about remarkable difference in any software development endeavor. Founded by Alexandre in 2015, SmartDevis a Vietnam based agile development and consulting firm.

AlexandreCuva has spent nearly 16 years in software development and project management roles around the world. He has been a sought after agile coach, scrum master,product owner,developerand trainer all throughout his career.He went on to found several agile communities in Vietnamand Switzerland such as ScrumBeer and Stoos Satellite.Under Alexandre’s able guidance, SmartDev has grown to be a leader in Agile Offshore Development,Agile Project Management and Agile Training & Coachingservices.It specializes in Agile Practices and Management-3.0. Agile offshore development team comprises of cross-functional groups of designers, developers and testers who act as an extension to the client’s product development teams. SmartDevunderstands its client’s business objectives well and makes every effort to customize its offshore development services to align with the client’s cultural needs.
Agile coaches and facilitators of the company handle challenging projects that demand an innovative approach. Resources are well versed in several languages such as node.js, react.js, angular.js, java, ios and android, platforms and Agile methodologies.

Alexandre adds,“Our creativity and flexibility drives us to find the best technical solutions forcomplicated problems.”In addition,the company puts much of its focus on quality assurance (QA). To facilitate internal and external communication and collaborations, the company uses several advanced tools such as AtlassianJira, confluence and continuous Integration Services like Jenkins, Nexus and Git.

Agile project management helps clients tocapture their target markets and offers a differentiated service with cutting-edge technology

Agile project management helps clients to capture their target markets and offer a differentiated service with cutting-edge technology and advanced principles. It enables a greater visibility and continuous integration during the development process to ensure better and faster delivery. The Agile project management roles cover Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Tester, Agile Developer and Agile Coaches. The Agile transformation training aims at fostering effective collaboration, enterprise-scale initiatives and higher performance. The company also tailors Agile Transformation Training depending on client’s needs.

SmartDev has worked with many customers across mobile payment and telecom technology domain. Peddler, smartlink, pivot88 and Techfirm are some of its noteworthy clients. Partnership with iCAgile, Epicoaching and Happy Melly further makes its service delivery highly efficient. SmartDev now plans to create its first pool of experts in eXtreme programming and mobile payment solution,as well as look out for passionate developers, engineer and tester in Vietnam for further expansions of services.