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Anabatic Technologies: Taking the Finance Industry by Storm through Integrated IT Solutions

The last decade saw a tremendous transformation in the business and finance industry. Apart from marketing trends, evolving customer need & behavior and regulatory demands, technological innovations and rise in competition are some of the factors which drove the finance industry towards embracing technology as an enabler. A majority of banks are moving towards upgrading their services and are reaching out to their customers with the help of diversified IT services in order to sustain in this age of competition. Realizing the business advantage of this new trend and its impact on the finance industry Anabatic Technologies was established in 2002. Headquartered in Indonesia, Anabatic is a system integrator which specializes in providing IT products and services to enhance its client’s competitive edge in the market. “Our main Aim is to enable our client with right technology and solution which will help them to win and give them a position of Advantage in the industry,” says Hendra Halim, Director, Pt Anabatic Technologies. Hendra, an Electrical Engineer from Trisakti University (Jakarta), has been associated with PT Anabatics Technologies since 2006, where he got appointed as the General Manager of the company. He has been serving as a Director of the company since 2011. The company now controls its operations from its various branches situated both in and outside Indonesia in countries such as Singapore, India and the Phillipines.

Anabatic’s prime focus is on mission critical applications such as core banking and mobility solutions. Through its organized line of business, Anabatic is able to cross-sell its products to its customers.
At the core of this is the company’s own software products (OSL) to which it has its own intellectual property rights that can be used by the various companies providing IT services. This line of OSL includes Mission System Critical Integration (MSCI), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITSO), Value-added Distribution (VAD) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). MSCI deals with the banking sector, insurance, public sector and cyber security. Anabatic’s workforce which is comprised of skilled professionals in the field of IT,selected through a meticulous recruitment process is more than capable of handling the various projects undertaken, thereby helping it to stay ahead of the competition.

Through its organized line of business, Anabatic is able to cross-sell its products to its customers

As most companies are not receptive to technical intrusions when it comes to finances, Anabatic employs a range of subject matter experts in the business and finance domain to communicate with business users in their own language rather than technical terminologies. Furthermore Anabatic follows a client centric approach by providing end-to-end IT solutions as a true system integrator and ensures the quality of its delivery, by certifying the delivery team and following standard implementation methodology. This has enabled the company to enhance its customer experience, operational/transactional management, governance and back office capabilities to a point where it has now become IBM’s most preferred business partner in the region. This partnership also enables Anabatic to harness the various technologies under the IBM brand. This human resource wedded with the company’s 12 year experience in world class IT products, truly distinguishes it amongst its peers in the APAC market. Today, with its roots deep in the heart of Indonesia, Anabatic seeks to expand its reach to Middle East and Asia-Pacific region in the future. The company has been working on expanding its cloud service offerings and Ecommerce & retail business. This will open the doors for the company to explore newer areas in IT, enabling it to widen its range of applications related to economics.