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eBlueprint: Driving Businesses with IBM B2B Integration Solutions

Disruptive technologies such as social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing are rapidly transforming the way businesses operate. Given the shift, enterprises must now focus more on real time collaboration with their vendors, suppliers, customers and business affiliates than on working in silos. To that end, a prudent B2B integration ecosystem enables businesses to attain dramatic elevation in their performance and improve accuracy in transfer of critical information with trading partners and internally. The most effective B2B integration solutions that address the diverse needs of the B2B community and which incorporate a comprehensive set of integration capabilities, come from the house of IBM. These unique solutions are compliant with industry standards and automate multi-enterprise processes with full visibility, secure networks and facilitate reliable data exchanges whilst improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction and reducing costs. Thus, a growing number of companies now outsource their B2B operations to external service providers. Among many integration partners operating in the market, Melbourne, Australia headquartered firm eBlueprint comes as the most sought after and preferred vendor for IBM B2B solutions. Established in 2002, the company provides IT and business consulting services underpinned by industry leading IBM technologies.

Richard Lynders, CEO of eBlueprint recalls, “The inception of eBlueprint was led by a profound vision of its founders: being the premier enabler of enterprise technology to help companies succeed in a then recently born online era by offering market leading digital solutions.” eBlueprint was incepted with the core intention to assist companies to build a strong online presence, offer outstanding digital experience to its customers and provide firsthand experience and tools to businesses in order to improve their efficiency.

The company had a humble beginning by offering digital solutions to companies across banking, financial and government industries. Within a span of two years, eBlueprint gained the reputation of an expert at delivering remarkably successful digital solutions in the market place. The company’s value proposition became more than evident when it further expanded its reach and services to multiple industries and geographies. Over the years the company has established a strong bond with several industry pioneers such as Australia’s major banks, financial institutions, and retailers and telecom companies. Additionally, eBlueprint’s B2B integration services have immensely benefited the federal and state governments and other government and local institutions, so much so that the company was awarded by IBM with Gold Practice Accreditation and multiple IBM Premier Business Partner Awards, 2013 through 2016.

Growing with and Adapting to Disruptive Technologies

“The word ‘disruption’ is engraved in the IT landscape. It gives no room to compliancy or passivity,” says Richard. From the widespread adoption of cloud, social media and mobility, to the growing importance of sophisticated trends such as analytics, big data, cognitive computing and IoT, companies are forced to adapt quickly in order to preserve their businesses and stay competitive. Several companies have been facing an unprecedented phenomenon in which technology and society are evolving more rapidly than their capacity to adapt, creating the so-called Digital Darwinism effect. Additionally, the emergence of disruptive technologies has increased the global competition.

During this period of rapid change, eBlueprint has emerged as an expert team of exceptional and forward thinking professionals with passion to equip and guide customers to excel in this rapidly changing time. The company offers end-to-end solutions, from B2B Integration, API Management, Hybrid Cloud and Omni-Channel Digital Experiences, to boost business efficiency, increase partner engagement and deliver outstanding digital experiences. Indeed, in the B2B integration space, eBlueprint is one of the only three IBM Business Partners in the world with Gold Accreditation and the sole IBM Business Partner with Gold Level Accreditation in the APAC region.

eBlueprint’s B2B integration solutions enable seamless exchange of information with business partners and achieve desired level of collaboration. Their flexible B2B Gateway solutions allow companies to exchange information across trading partners while centralizing data from multiple data sources and meeting a wide range of B2B integration needs and protocols within optimized time, cost and resources. Richard states, “Our extensive experience in designing and developing B2B Gateways across multiple industries and geographies empowers us to develop customized and adaptable solutions required by companies.”

Cutting-Edge Hybrid Integration and API Management Solutions

Ubiquity of mobile apps, expansion of IoT and increased importance of social media have been forcing companies to change the way they deliver services and interact with their customers. eBlueprint emerged to the forefront by successfully predicting customer demands and guiding businesses transitioning to digital and cognitive computing paradigms.
They provide thought leadership and guidance on the best internal and partner API strategies. With their API management strategy, customers can manage their end-to-end application ecosystem and reach their highest potential. It bridges the gap between internal and external applications, automates processes and maximizes collaboration among trading partners.

While implementing B2B Integration and API Management solutions, adopting a cloud based model is beneficial as it provides flexibility, security and cost effectiveness. However, moving applications to cloud always remains a daunting task. Enterprises often face integration issues while collaborating with applications that are still on-premise. Moreover, they also need to devise ways to provide trading partners with secure access to their critical data. For such complex cloud migrations, eBlueprint offers cloud Integration Solutions that provide secure means of integrating cloud-based services with one another as well as with on-premise enterprise applications. It uses various firewalls and infrastructure layers to securely access corporate data. Highlighting the approach, Richard shares, “By collaborating with us, customers enjoy the best of both worlds: an all-inclusive approach designed to be agnostic to IT products, and leverage our profound industry expertise in dynamic arenas.”

Ushering in the Digital Transformation,

In a competitive environment, technology fuels business growth. It, therefore, becomes imperative for the enterprises to regularly manage and integrate their newfangled applications to simplify their business workflows. eBlueprint offers centralized and integrated Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solutions that facilitate businesses to integrate their IT applications in a faster and flexible manner.

eBlueprint’s digital transformation solution includes three distinct phases. As part of their ‘Digital Maturity Assessment’, the company analyzes customers’ business strategy, people, processes and technology to assess the stage they are in. Next, in their ‘Digital Enablement Roadmap’, eBlueprint offer end-to-end solutions such as B2B integration, API management, Cloud services and Omni-Channel solutions. Finally, eBlueprint’s ‘Digital Transformation Delivery’ combines the most optimized set of offerings, technologies and deployment methods that best suits the customer’s needs. This end-to-end approach positions eBlueprint as a one-stop-shop for companies embarking on their digital transformation journey.

In this constantly evolving technology landscape, aligning with the changing technologies is integral for survival. eBlueprint understands this buzzing need and to mitigate, they play the role of a Chief Digital Officer for their customers, combining technology, business, marketing and operations knowledge into solutions. Richard notes, “At eBlueprint, we understand that each company has intrinsic needs, capabilities and aspirations, and we strive to offer the best solutions in a powerful and effective manner”.

Over the years, eBlueprint has carved out several success stories for its clients. The company’s close involvement with the SuperStream Initiative in the Australian market remains a significant milestone. At that time, there was no commercial product compliant with IBM’s AS4 Communication Protocol that could handle large XBRL messages. eBlueprint, along with IBM, played a crucial role in developing one. By using IBM B2B Advanced Communications and IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, the company deployed the first-of-its-kind B2B solution on AS4. Richard explains, “Our solution revolutionized the way government data is transferred and it enabled trading partners to exchange an unprecedented amount of data while maintaining strict auditing, security and performance requirements.” eBlueprint has also developed an end-to-end solution for one of the largest Australian government-based education body.

Ubiquity of mobile apps, expansion of IoT and increased importance of social media have been forcing companies to change the way they deliver services and interact with their customers

Poised for More Success

Thought leadership, leading industry best practice solutions, customer satisfaction, worldwide reach and outstanding expertise have been the five building blocks of eBlueprint’s success so far. The company’s commitment towards clients’ success, transparency, collaboration, imagination and innovation, and ceaseless pursuit to proactively respond to disruptive technologies further sets it apart from the crowd. The company actively collaborates with customers and business partners to create and introduce game-changing solutions in the market. Richard expounds, “By collaborating with eBlueprint, our customers hold the assurance that tomorrow’s challenges are covered today and that they have all the tools they need to excel in the market place through our robust IT solutions.”

With multiple engagements across the APAC Region, eBlueprint intends to establish offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Parallel to this, eBlueprint plans to collaborate with its vast network of partners to develop and offer cognitive and IoT solutions. With their firm belief in empowering their customers with cutting-edge solutions, eBlueprint is optimistic about staying at the top of the game.