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Webs S'up Production: Enhancing Digital Engagement with IBM

The tiny island ofHong Kong since the prehistoric days has always been a land of contrasts with a diversified demographic for almost everything. Today as one of the most industrially advanced regions in the Asia Pacific, Hong Kong has developed itself into a prime purveyor of IT and media related services. With digital advertising breaking out as a mainstream industry, countries like Hong Kong have gained access to a portal which can broadcast to the world, the various services, products and incentives in business that they have to offer. Webs S’up is a company that was conceived during this uptrend of Hong Kong Digital advertisingin 2009. The motive behind the inception of Webs S’up was fed by the demand of engagement that existed at the time between advertisers and their target audience. After realizing this,the founders set out on their arduous journey to render services focused on engagement strategy and optimize budget for advertisers in production which coverswebsite, mobilesite, campaign site and advertising material.

For companies in Hong Kong that have experienced the services rendered by Webs S’up, its tagline ‘We Enhance Engagement’ doesn’t spark much debate. Webs S’up specializes in the provision of innovative strategies and services to help customers reach their target customers from digitalizing their marketing methods with high return solutions.

This of course is an arduous task in itself, made so by the largely dynamic nature of the digital landscapewhich demands organizations to constantly adapt to the various changes. The mainstream influence of the social media has also attributed to a sea change in customer behaviour.
This change has been translated into a demand for an aggregated and holistic single view of customers’ behaviour. Webs S’up’s products and services are designed specifically to navigate this dynamic market. Over the years the company has evolved from offering digital consultation, creative production and ad technology service to a more innovative total solution model and behaviour tracking technology. “By providing big data-enabled marketing strategies and on target campaigns, social big data is captured and with the help of IBM solutions it aggregates a customer’s 360 profile and single view,” elaborates Bob Tin, CEO, Webs S’up.

The mainstream influence of the social media has attributed to a sea change in customer behaviour

Webs S’up’s partnership with IBM enables the company to stay ahead of the curve in the market through the groundbreaking technologies offered by the latter. This coupled with Webs S’up’s ad technology expertise of Google’s DoubleClick and Google Analytics enables access to comprehensive customer behaviours, from online surfing behaviours and patterns to social behaviours, interests and preferences through CRM system and social sites, such as Facebook. The torrent of data that percolates through this process is distilled through a full range of IBM solutions to create an aggregated and strategic view of customer profile. “Webs S’up thus helps clients effectively and precisely segment and engage their target audience, and ultimately optimizes their business results,” adds Tin.

Through its unique approach to digital marketing, Webs S’up has established itself as a major player in the APAC market. In the years to come the company intends to bring the use of IBM technology of social content aggregation and analyticsto mainstream prominence in the APAC market. Webs S’up further intends to convey its unique brand of digital engagement to China and other parts of the APAC.