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MatchMove Pay: Enhancing Revenue, User Experience and Loyalty through Mobile Payment

Mobile payment presents a unique opportunity to business owners to connect with their customers and deliver value. Accepting mobile payments is not just about convenience, but also about enhancing and deepening relationships with existing customers. It also serves to build customer loyalty and attract new customers. MatchMove Pay is one of the pioneers in the mobile payments vertical. As a diversified services organization, it provides innovative enterprise solutions to help businesses increase revenue, user engagement and loyalty through strategic use of its customizable cloud-based platforms. It has global presence acrossSingapore, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India and Philippines,and is expanding into Europe and Latin America in 2016.

“My Co-founders& I had previously run a NASDAQ listed, online entertainment and gaming organization. So, in 2009 we incepted MatchMove Play to provide a B2B platform for global entertainment companies,” says ShaileshNaik, Founder and CEO. However, when American Express approached the company to design a mobile payment system which had to be deployed across South East Asia, the team understood that the industry was faced with a lack of expertise in terms of supporting the growing demand for mobile payment systems. “The increasing use of Smartphone was also a big opportunity awaiting the mobile payment space’s attention,” says Shailesh. That’s when the company came up with MatchMove Pay. It developed a platform, known as a Wallet Operating System; using which established brands can deploy a secure and scalable mobile ready wallet within their system typically in 8 to 12 weeks. The platform benefits users who can now get a card from master card, Amex, or Visa and send money from anywhere in the world safely, securely and legally.
The card provided by MatchMove Pay contains 16 digit numbers from MasterCard, AMEX and Visa to facilitate online transactions. MatchMove Pay combines three services, namely spend, send and lend, to allow users to send money anywhere and also lend money to each other with P2P transactions.APIs allow brands and banks to develop applications that enable users to spend money anywhere by using their mobile phones. The platform is PCISS compliant, meeting local banking regulations of the country it operates in.

MatchMove aligns itself with the emerging technology trends in the industry on a regular basis. The founders of the company are well versed with building new business lines and bring speed, operational efficiency and innovation to the fore. “We have set ourselves apart in several ways. Our customers tell us that global organizations and regional companies have been looking for a solution like ours, and they now have it,” says Shailesh. MatchMove Pay considers its people as the company’s biggest strength. The MatchMove team is highly talented and goes out of its way to support clients.

As a diversified services organization, MatchMove provides innovative enterprise solutions to help businesses increase revenue, user engagement and loyalty

This Singapore headquartered company has already established a strong presence in South East Asia with more than 1 million users and expects to cross the 50 million users mark later this year.MatchMove Pay plans to expand to Europe, Switzerland, U.S. and South America in the years to come. Going forward, the company aims to step into peer-to-peer lending and social lending markets. By 2018, the company envisions to have 500 million people using its wallet service and touch billion dollars in revenues.