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UDA Technologies: Laying Down the Foundation for Construction Projects

The construction industry in the past couple of decades has gone through some serious overhaul, morphing itself to cope with today’s need for speed. Technology has been a major factor in this transformation and continues to drive progresses in the field of construction paving way to newer techniques that minimize downtime to a great extent. This has also enabled construction companies to undertake large volumes of work every month. Workload of such magnitude creates a dire need for effective management of projects and the processes involved within them. To this end the use of business grade software has made life considerably easier for construction companies. UDA Technologies is a key provider of such software for the global market. This US basedcompany for over a decade and a half has been providing construction professionals with proven processes and workflows designed to cover all the details involved in a successful project from the planning stage through final construction.

Conceived in 1999, UDA initially undertook assignments involving estimation, specification and contract documents. During this phase the company found huge success with its clients and were prompted to add services specific to various other disciplines of the construction industry which included aspects such as design build, renovation, commercial and property development. Apart from expanding its service portfolio, UDA has also expanded its employee complement over the years to keep up with its clients’ demands. UDA currently has over 350, 000 construction professionals using its service across the world, to equip the company to manage construction projects worldwide. UDA constantly seeks to improve the quality of its services and contemplates on the many feedbacks it receives from patrons worldwide. “In many ways, we consider this wide range of perspectives as a unique advantage into the hurdles our clients tackle on a daily basis,” says Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies.
While providing services UDA makes it a point to ensure that protocol pertaining to the company’s core principles is followed to deliver the best results that the company has been associated with through the years. At the core of this is the company’s insistence on streamlining and simplifying the project management process.

UDA’s services revolve around two of its primary tools- the UDA ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline. These are used together to provide a full circle solution for construction project management which also includes lead and opportunity tracking, estimating, job costing, CRM, scheduling and more. “These products work to both streamline day-to-day operations, as well as use overall project data to provide insight on profitability and efficiency,”elaborates (the management).The ConstructionSuite is comprised mainly of fully featured desktop applications which include OnCost Estimating, OnPlan Scheduling and OnPoint Documents and Automation. While ConstructionOnline is a cloud based cloud management softwaresolution that can work independently or as a cohesive part of ConstructionSuite. These two products play a vital role in the services offered by UDA Technologies which are delivered through the application of mobile and web technologies. The use of such modern technologies has also enabled UDA to reach out to increasingly larger number of consumers worldwide over the years.

The use of such modern technologies has also enabled UDA to reach out to increasingly larger number of consumers worldwide over the years

UDA’s pro-innovation approach in delivering leading technologies over the years has led to several updates and upgrades in the various construction management tools at its disposal. UDA’s Onsite Gameplan is one such innovation which gave the world its first construction application for the Apple watch. In its quest for global business expansion and fortification, UDA has translated its Onsite Mobile apps into five different languages to gain further access into the international market.