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ChinaNetCloud: Bringing Amazon to the Orient

Since ancient times China has always been home to various innovations. From paper to the gun powder, the Chinese have constantly contributed to the evolution of civilization. Despite its long history of having an upper hand in most aspects of technology, inability to adapt to the IT innovations of the past decade is one Achilles heel that China constantly fails to overcome. Part of this can be attributed to the lack of credible providers of such technology in the country. Towards the end of the past decade the country was bereft of providers of managed services and cloud services. In 2008, industry veterans Steve Mushero, the then CTO of Todou and James Eron who built systems at Bearing Point set out to find a solution to this issue. The result of this venture led to the inception of China’s public cloud provider, ChinaNetCloud. The abundance of experienced professional system operations engineers in a country which was host to the largest and faster growing internet in the world, led the founders to further capitalize on their venture and serve China’s huge market. By 2009 ChinaNetCloud had also become the country’s first Internet Managed Service provider focused on helping internet in China to grow and prosper, providing reliability, performance, scale, security and savings.

Being the largest population in the world of course translates to having the largest scale for everything in the world including IT systems. The count goes up to a few hundred million per system and from 10 to 100 or even 1000 servers per system with every possible technology from databases to languages
and apps to caches, search, queues, Hadoop, and much more, all deployed via DevOps on Docker, across a wide variety of physical servers, private clouds, and various public clouds. Serving such huge systems is no easy task.ChinaNetCloud constantly strives to deliver its clients the most optimal solution for their systems which covers all angles of their operation. “We work with customers in all phases of operations, from architecture and design through build and configure, to install and tune, then manage and monitor, plus troubleshoot and upgrade,” elaborates Steve Mushero, who serves as the CEO & CTO at ChinaNetCloud. The company also imparts its technical expertise to its clients in every layer of each project.

One of ChinaNetCloud’s primary features are the Total Operating System which run on the Full Stack, from clouds to OS to services such as MySQL, Java, PHP, Nginx, HAProxy, Firewalls and more, up to overall system Reliability, Performance, Scale, Security, and Cost Savings which is quite uncommon among other MSPs in the region. This service rendered through these systems includes advanced Site Reliability Engineering, Security Operations Center, DBA support, security scanners, capacity planning, APM and RUM analysis, DDoS mitigation, load testing, and more. The company’s most noteworthy asset however is its full stack large-scale internet platform dubbed OpsStack which can integrate all parts of advanced operations.

The company has reached a level of technological excellence where it can be lauded as the only company in the world that can take over large multi hundred server systems without any info or support and fully manage it and even migrate without any downtime. In the years to come the company intends to expand its service capabilities through OpsStack, launch a Cloud Management System and also go for an IPO