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CloudMGR: Helping Companies Achieve Visibility and Control of their AWS Environments

There is now no doubt that cloud computing is transforming business models and daily operations of organizations in all sectors.The most significant player in public Cloud is Amazon Web Services (AWS);the Cloud platform offered by Amazon that provides compute, storage and content delivery, database and networking infrastructure as a service. Governments, S&P500 Enterprises and high-growth startups alike all use AWS’ service offerings. As billionaire Venture Capitalist, Chamath Palihapitiya, now famously said,
“…whether you care about mobile apps, consumer apps, IoT, SaaSetc.etc., more companies than not will be using AWS vs. building their own infrastructure.”

As the world continues to change in accordance with Palihapitiya’s predictions, effective management of Cloud resources has become a business necessity. Craig Deveson knew that to reap the full benefits of Cloud, enterprises require organization-wide visibility and control over their Cloud environments. This philosophy, continues to influence the Company’s product direction.

The Company has developed a single toolset that allows its customers to manage, optimize and govern multiple AWS environments from a single application. CloudMGR’s tools are uniquely designed to be useful and accessible for all business functions: from board level to teams consuming Cloud resources and the managers in between.

“We believe that the power of AWS should be more available than just to the core AWS Certified Engineers and it should integrate with other complementary services,” says Craig.
Headquartered in San Francisco, the company’s development operations are based out of the emerging startup hub of Brisbane, Australia. CloudMGR counts MSP’s, consultants and SaaS ISV’s in its customer base and is developing its enterprise offering around the requirements of key partners.
Central to the Company’s value offering has been a strong emphasis on AWS Billing and Cost Management. CloudMGR’s Billing tools allow service providers managing customer accounts or IT managers with multiple internal accounts to assign costs and apply margins at the product or resource level in a massively simplified way.

Deveson believes that developing billing and cost management capability is the first step for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)looking to grow a Next-Gen, cloud-first,service offering. For advanced service providers and multi-account enterprises, CloudMGR’s new White Label platform empowers portal’s manager to control the level of access their customers have while giving them a simple way to access key account information.

For SaaS and enterprise customers, CloudMGR provides an easy way for teams and managers to assign and track resource use and the associated costs.Combined with key automation and optimization functions, CloudMGR becomes a tool for better decision making and faster responses to inefficient resource allocation.
Few products combine visibility and reporting with tools for users to optimize their Cloud platforms. CloudMGR does this through Insights, targeted optimization actions that can be implemented directly within the CloudMGR interface. According to Craig,
“Insights which are actionable within the one console are a unique feature of CloudMGR.” Once implemented, Insights can reduce AWS bills considerably, while ensuring the day-to-day management of cloud resources is easier, faster and more automated.

Whether you care about mobile apps, consumer apps, IoT, SaaSetc.etc., more companies than not will be using AWS vs. building their own infrastructure

CloudMGR simplifies AWS cloud management and assists with AWS cost optimization using its ability to take the most common aspects of the AWS environment and wrap that into a value added service for service providers, SaaS ISV’s and enterprises. CloudMGR aims to become a leading integrated platform for Cloud Management of AWS.