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GPX Global Systems: Designing IDCs to Strengthen the Internet Exchange Ecosystem for Cloud, Content, and Carrier Service Providers

The evolutionary aspects of internet usage have given birth to a new set of technical methodologies of which cloud computing deserves a special mention. Internet connectivity theories and internet data preservation are also considered as two important aspects of today’s business world. Having been in the Data Centre business since 2002 GPX Global Systems is engaged in developing, owning and operating, state-of-the-art, carrier neutral Internet DataCentres (IDCs) in rapidly developing commercial markets of the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and South Asia regions. “Our IDCs are strategically positioned in hub locations which sit at the crossroads of the undersea cable systems and the domestic fiber optic networks,” says Nick Tanzi, CEO.

These hubs easily allow cloud computing providers, social media platforms, content accelerators, and search engine companies, along with telecommunication providers (Telcos), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and enterprise clients to colocate their servers and extend their global networks and services into these key emerging markets. It also allows customers to geographically diversify their infrastructure to support disaster recovery for mission critical business needs..“We are the preferred choice for cloud computing providers, content businesess including search, social media, and Telcos because we are truly carrier neutral,” adds Manoj Paul, COO. The companies data centers are designed to the highest standards of reliability offering its customers 99.999 percent uptime guarantees. In each of the markets GPX operates, its datacenters quickly become a critical part of the countries telecommunications and internet infrastructure and are connected to the global internet via physically diverse, multi terabit SDH/DWDM/Metro Core networks.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another significant facet of the cloud computing domain that collectively works on the computing platform offered by Amazon. It mainly offers IT infrastructures to varied businesses through web services. AWS has been serving as the most scalable, reliable and affordable infrastructure platform of cloud computing powering hundreds and thousands of businesses across the globe.AWS Direct Connect is now available at GPX’s Uptime Institute design certified Tier IV Mumbai data centre where large enterprises, SMB customers, application developers and web based solution providers can colocate in GPX’s datacentre and connect to AWS cloud over LAN or take a direct link to GPX datacentre and connect to the AWS cloud. This reduces bandwidth and data download costs by approximately 30 and 50 percent respectively, substantially increasing security and significantly improving performance by reducing latency by over 30 percent.

The companies data centers are designed to the highest standards of reliability offering its customers 99.999 percent uptime guarantees

“We provide high levels of security and optimal operating conditions for our customers’ mission critical equipment and applications. We also provide a markeplace whereby our cloud, content, and carrier customers can optimize their respective networks and services to enhance their customers experience, and our enterprise customers can choose the best carriers and ISP’s to meet their business requirements”, explains Nick. In June 2012, GPX India launched its first Uptime Institute design certified Tier IV true carrier neutral datacentre in South Asia. GPX’s datacentre has many special features that sets it apart from others, most significantly its fault tolerant design allowing it to be the only DC in India to provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee. “GPX is the most interconnected datacentre in the country with presence of over 12 Telcos and 25+ ISPs making it the largest internet ecosystem and marketplace in India.GPX gives access to the largest global carriers, content, and cloud service providers and with its focus on pure colocation, eliminates unproductive investments and manpower ensuring cost efficiency” adds Manoj Paul.