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Leap & Scale: Crafting Smart and Innovative Sensor to Server Solutions

Technology, being a key enabler for every industry, has helped organizations deliver complex projects with greater ease. With better software tools and technology, adapting to major transformation in the global market has become easier. Today, product development has become smart, smart devices have become smarter with more sensors and processing power. Decision making can bepushed to as close as where the data is sensed and multiple devices and systems are collaborating with each other to provide smarter services. With this as the canvas,Leap & Scale, a provider of industrial automation, instrumentation, embedded systems, location based systems and mobile phone technology was conceived as a company seeking to constantly innovate, develop products and build complete solutions that are flexible.PrashantJoshi, Founder & Director, Leap & Scale, says, “Leap & Scale was envisioned as a company that could provide complete end to end solutions for customers at an accelerated paceunder one roof.”

Prashant’s experience as a leader has been in a variety of domains and technologies such as industrial automation, microcontroller based systems, telecommunications, instrumentation and medical electronics among others. He has delivered consistent business results in his 22 years in the corporate world working for product and solution oriented companies such as Siemens, Motorola, Freescale and Nokia at various leadership positions. Prashantadds, “These 22 years have been the foundation for gathering all the knowledge, know-how, experience and expertise in research, innovation, engineering and technology in areas of product and solutions development. This built a strong base and motivation for me to move out of the corporate role and become an entrepreneur.”
In the quest to empower clients with competent solutions, Leap & Scale is further strengthening its capabilities in building instruments, embedded systems, communication hardware and software, mobile phone software, internet and web based systems and servers. Through innovation, Leap & Scale provides technology and engineering services to make “Sensor to Server” a reality. While delivering sensor to server solutions for a variety of industries, the company focuses to make existing devices smart and transmits the data to the server to analyze for trends and decision making. This increasing demandfor sensing, transmission, processing, storage, analysis and decision making has changed the way the industry functions. However, most smart systems require knowledge of hardware, embedded software, communication and server systems. Hence, to build the required hardware and software products which are customizable in short lead times, Leap & Scale is focusing on bringing smartness to sub-systems and systems.

Through innovation, Leap & Scale provides technology and engineering services to make“ Sensor to Server” a reality

The company currently offers products and solutions for the Location Based Services – Asset and Fleet Management, Industrial Automation – Embedded systems for data collection and logging, Data Transmission – RTU (Remote Transmission unit) for transmission of data and control, Data Collection Framework, Data Processing Framework, Data Analysis Framework and Graphical User Interface. As a Sensor2Server company with a sharp technology and engineering edge to cut through the hurdles and problems, the company adopts a customer-centric approach in the product design and development processes. Prashant concludes, “As we build solutions, we are working on gaining the expertise in various application domains (Transportation Systems, Asset Tracking & Management, Industrial Products Automation, and Automation of operations). Over the coming years we have a roadmap to build systems, products and platforms which in turn will enable our customers to build better solutions for the users.”