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25 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers

Vangotech: Leading microchip solution provider for smart grid Internet of Things

In recent times IoT has drastically transformed how businesses perform their mission critical operationsand hasenabled people, devices and environments to become interconnected. Additionally, the need to solve efficiency and cost issues haspropelled the rapid technological disruption that has helped the world to shift focus on energy conservationand adopt judicious and regulatory systems. Recognizing the need to safeguard future energy resources, Vangotech is one such organization that uses smart grid IoT technologies for efficient and user friendly energy delivery to the end users. Established in 2006, Vangotech is a fabless IC company enabling smart grid IoT.

As a leading chip supplier for IoT of smart grid, Vangotech is committed to offering its clients a wide range of infrastructure chips, sensor chips and communications chips. The design of each chip being entirely innovative, the sensor chips for smart grids IoT are metering and measurement chips of the electricity signals. In communications, Vangotech focuses on power line carrier (PLC) and low-power sub-GHz radios. Apart from chipsets, the organisation renders complete solutions for smart meters as well as smart home and smart appliances. Likewise, it offers total solution for other industrial applications as well.

Vangotech offers extensive IC solutions for smart grid IoT to its clients which make it distinctive in the industry. Its solution comprises of both sensor and communication which helps the clients and their end customers.
Innovation, quality and services are three essential components in the powerful solutions that the organisation seeks to provide to its clients.

The expertise of the Vangotech bring in UART based protocol for the clients to access self –contained smart grid IOT sensor data

Describing the total smart grid IoT solutions, Dr. Nick Tan, CEO, Vangotech says, “We have dedicated SoC chips to sense and measure electric signals and our connectivity protocol utilizes the nature of the IoT, reducing the hand shaking overhead to establish a channel and push the data through and then go to sleep”. The expertise of the Vangotech brings in UART based protocol for the clients to access self-contained smart grid IoT sensor data. The communication module then sends the data securely to a smart grid IoT router in a way that the clients benefits from the infrastructure of the organisation and further catering the needs of the endusers. Providing safer and more efficient electricity usage is another vital role that Vangotech plays, for which it monitors the amount of electricity being used in day to day life, accurately predicting abnormal electricity behavior, the ground current and electric arc, etc.Simultaneously, it uses micro power generation nodes and energy using nodes in abundance to provide safe and efficient use of electricity in the industry.Being the world-class fabless design house, Vangotech owns more than 57 U.S. and Chinese patents in the areas of analog, MCU, and SoC designs as well as metering and communication algorithms and architectures. To tackle with the numerous competing standards, the organisation is armed with multi–standard routers building multi protocols on IoT router and further, the organisation aims to equip all chip sets for smart grid IoT applications and beyond.