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25 Most Promising CISCO Solution Providers 2016

Comscentre: Enhancing Business Communications through Advanced CISCO Applications

The evolution of technology has managed to impact almost every business sphere. The business strategies and functions has realised huge changes and innovations especially in regard to Business Integration wherein Business Communication, Business IT, Business HR and Business Finance come together to drive performance that in turn generates revenue. So when a prodigy expert in the Communication industry caters to all of your needs, the business transformation becomes smooth, integrated and cost-effective.

Founded in 2003, Comscentre is a Cisco Master Managed Service Provider, one of only a handful in Australia to adhere to the World’s best Project Management and delivery methodologies. Comscentre revolutionized Business Communication with Cloud enabled communications, diligently improving video call, text messages, emails, fax etc. Understanding the advantages of being able to develop better communication between employees and clients over a virtual cloud platform, the firm conceptualized the bundling of the Cisco platform with cloud enabled managed services, voice minutes and physical data services.

Comscentre helps companies build a futuristic workplace as it is designed to transform the way of work and promoting secure collaborations that enables customers to become more agile, productive and interactive. Business Solutions, Telecommunications, Cloud services, Collaboration and Managed services are some of the exquisite solutions clients get to benefit when dealing with Comscentre.

Comscentre’s customers can access the latest Cisco applications on demand, including WebEx, Instant Messaging (IM), Presence, Video Conferencing and Voice, all fully supported by its own National & International MPLS and One Touch Management Platform.
By leveraging innovative Borderless Collaboration capabilities, the company empowers its clients to securely connect the organization and users to Cisco Powered via the internet with no VPN required. This makes collaboration as simple and effective outside the organization as it is inside.

Comcentre’s One Toch Application is a cutting edge proprietary specifically designed information platform that ensures clients gain from a comprehensive device management service that provides mobile visibility. Being the first Cisco partner in Australia to commission the Micronode, Comscentre provides an affordable, flexible UCaaS platform. Comscentre has packaged HCS (Cisco Hosted Telephony) in a manner to give organisations certainty of monthly spend, flexible platform options and one organization which can be truly responsible for all Voice, Data and UC, managed by their One Touch Management platform.

Being the first Cisco partner in Australia to commission the Micronode, Comscentre provides an affordable, flexible UCaaS platform

Going forward, the company plans to expand its geographical territories around three core product families of Collaboration, Telco Services and Cloud and Managed Services. Comscentre will continue to be a provider of customer led solutions in an ever changing business environment and benefit from its innovative range of services that enabled Staff to communicate on any device in any location.

Comcentre’s 2020 strategy envisions to ‘outperforming all competitors to create Australasia's leading business communications company with outstanding products, values and customer service.’ Ben concludes, “As we enter into long term relationships with our clients as their managed service partner and telecommunications provider; we have to go the extra mile to ensure the systems meet and exceed their expectations.”