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Microdata: Connecting Philippines with the Global Communication Grid

The past decade has seen the Philippines transform into a global business hub. Many companies across the globe are starting to realize the untapped potential of this region and are seeking to invest here. It is vital for the country to project the prowess of its technical infrastructure and service capabilities to the global business network. Most businesses in the country rely on this aspect for further progress. Philippines-based company Microdata has been at the forefront of delivering such communication technology in the country for more than three decades. Its inception was fuelled by the dire need within the country for safe storage of data and records of a sensitive nature which was a rising issue and had an adverse impact on economy. Microdata, to address this issue introduced microfilm technology and micro imaging to both the government and private sectors. Microdata pioneered this unique technology and created a niche for the delivery of micro-film related services.

Started in 1980, Microdata was quick to adapt to the new technologies that emerged at the time and offered them as services. In 1991, Microdata was transformed into an audio visual company when it became the first and exclusive distributor of the Sanyo LCD projector line-up in the Philippines. This expansion into the projector business paved way for the company to represent several new and complementary products such as Tandberg video conferencing, Sanako Speech Labs and DIS conference systems. Mariano Ang Jr., CEO, Microdata says, “Microdata’s transition into a CISCO solutions provider occurred when Tandberg was acquired by CISCO in 2010. This acquisition enabled us to become ahybrid AV/IT systems integrator as it offered the company with access to IT products and solutions.”
Partnering with CISCO has equipped Microdata well to face the challenges that come with providing IT solutions in a third world country such as the Philippines. One particular issue that the company focuses on in this respect is the severe lack of network infrastructure which has plagued the region for a long time. The sparse and old resources which attribute to slow, unstable and expensive connectivity further dampen the chances of technological revival in this field. To address this issue, Microdata acts as consultant, establishing communication between consumers in the Philippines with network and IT security providers to develop systems that function without any compromise. With CISCO’s support Microdata is also able to offer the former’s unified collaboration suite which further enhances the company’s ability to offer reliable network solutions. And all the other IT products that are at Microdata’s disposal through CISCO enable the company to offer end-to-end solutions to its clients by integrating networking and security.

Microdata’s ability to offer hybrid solutions in AV/IT to its clients has made it a top draw amongst organizations in the Philippines

Microdata’s ability to offer hybrid solutions in AV/IT to its clients has made it a top draw amongst organizations in the Philippines. The company intends to maintain its position in the market by constantly researching and developingcomplementary products to complete the end-to-end solutions it has to offer. The company has also diversified its service module to accommodate critical communication systems such as professional radio systems- DMR, TETRA radio and network infrastructures to aid Filipinos who are under the constant threat of natural disasters that can strike at any time.