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25 Most Promising CISCO Solution Providers 2016

Spok, Inc : Bridging the Business Communication Gap with Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Unified communication is becoming more and more popular as an interactive platform that binds together different communication tools. Whilst playing a significant role in every industry, it has reduced communication difficulties between organizations and end-users, making them better equipped to generate and run any complex software. Dependable critical communication is one of the most powerful demands of the modern customer. One company that has proven its capability with critical communication solutions through years of experience as a leader in critical communications for healthcare, government, public safety, and other industries is Spok.

A high-level of efficiency is essential in communication systems because today, for employees, every mode of information is valuable. A dedicated critical communication network is essential to help them make faster decisions and to identify and prevent potential problems. Spok was founded to meet clients’ ever-increasing communication requirements. Vincent D. Kelly, CEO, Spok Holdings, Inc., says, “Critical communications are vastly improved when technology comes into play, and that’s what Spok does; people who save and improve lives use our technology. We help them communicate safely, securely, and efficiently when fast response is the key.”The company aims to quickly create and deploy solutions to enhance the capabilities, performance, and efficiencies of its customers.

The company continuously looks to improve clients’ communication suites and add new functionality to support communications throughout their facilities on an enterprise level. Mr. Kelly adds, “We have decades of experience in the space. Our customers see us as trusted partners and continue to come to us for their critical communication needs. Spok is a leader because our solutions are integrated and span the continuum of critical
communications – not just one area.”Gradually, becoming a market leader, Spok’s collaborative experience with Cisco has also allowed the company to innovate faster. As a member of Cisco’s Solution Partner Program, Spok has been fully committed to helping customers around the world leverage Cisco’s technical expertise and best-in-class service and support.

Transforming the Healthcare Sector with Cisco
In the healthcare industry, the best hospitals have regularly chosen Spok – all of U.S. News & World Report magazine’s Best Hospitals Honor Roll organizations make up the company’s strong customer base. Spok’s solutions work together which allows seamless integration of modern technological tools such as smartphones, tablets, pagers, and in-building Wi-Fi phones. For healthcare, this means there’s a central online employee directory that has the latest contact information and on-call schedules. This feeds many other solutions with current, accurate data when there isn’t time to dig around for someone’s mobile or pager number.

Critical communications are vastly improved when technology comes into play, and that’s what Spok does; people who save and improve lives use Spok’s technology

Spok offers a full range of workflow solutions that can connect virtually all monitoring systems, including nurse call, fire, security, patient monitoring, and building management, to mobile staff via their wireless communication devices. In addition to Cisco Wi-Fi phones, these devices can include Cisco phones, voice badges, smartphones, pagers, and more. The ability to reach mobile team members within seconds of an alert improves overall workflow, staff productivity, and the comfort and safety of everyone in the organization.
By understanding all the complexities that healthcare customers face in an increasingly mobile workforce, the company has revealed valuable insights and has applied that knowledge to help reduce medical errors. “We are committed to evolving our solutions to be in line with the ever-changing clinical workflow needs of hospitals,” concludes Mr. Kelly.