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25 Most Promising Data Centre Solution Providers

Data Centre Technologies : Uplifting the Data Centre Management ServiceswithQuality Solutions

The Global business world is witnessing fast changes with the growing technical evolution . The advent of innovative tools and techniquesh as helped companies to deliver best practices in data management. Data management today plays a significant role in enabling business heads to become better decision-makers. Established in 2007 by Shaun Vosper, Data Centre Technologies is a local, specialist, independent organisation delivering data centre consultancy, design and management to enterpriseorganisation’s. The company was formed with the aim to handhold SMEs client towards achieving improvement in the fundamental areas of data centre measurementthrough proven tools, processes, procedures, knowledge and deep technical expertise. “We always try to help our clients by offering them honest, unbiased, integrity and personalizeddata centre services, says Shaun, Managing Director, Data Centre Technologies.

Owing to its experienced and certified team, Data Centre Technologies has maintained a strong position in the Australia market. Vosper himself has achieved plenty of accolades all throughout his career. He was the first Australian to be recognised as an Accredited Tier Specialist by the Uptime Institute. In addition, Vosper is a Certified Data Centre Design Specialist and Data Centre migration specialist.Such industry accreditation has helped DCT ensurethat its clients receive reliable and factual consultancy along with the best service available in leading DC projects.

Some of the greatest challenges faced by companies in the Australian market revolve aroundfacilities and IT Alignment, DC management/monitoring, physical relocation of critical infrastructure and DC facilities management. All these factorsadversely affect the efficiency as well as cost of operating a modern data centre facility.
In each of these areas, DCT has provided solutions that have improved processes, operational downtime and asset utilization along with resulting improved overall feasibility of the asset and its deliverables.As a case in point, for eliminating the challenges clients encounter in Facilities and IT alignment, DCT regularly uncovers significant disconnects between facilities and IT. The company further conducts detailed physical and operational audits deriving clear and defined suggestions to ensure the most effective operational processes in a data centre.

Over the past twenty-four months, DCT has collaborated withAEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator) as it transitioned from an owner occupied facility to a co-location facility. DCT managed and overcame significant challenges and that came up through the courseof the implementation which was truly a testament to DCT’s ability to identify and manage priority issues and engage key stakeholders as required to ensure the ongoing success of this mission critical facility.

The company’s end-to-end relocation services takes in all aspects of the relocation including planning, project management, de-rack, stack, re-establishment of equipment and transporting. DCT has impeccable track record in managing relocation services. The company has always completed a critical relocation on time and on budget without a single failure of relocated equipment by applying turn-key solutions encompassing project management, relocation, decommissioning and disposal of end of life equipment.

DCT has always completed a critical relocation on time and on budget without a single failure of relocated equipment

“We have managed to differentiate ourselves through innovation and trying to be pioneer in this field by achieving quality results,”elaborates Shaun.Its outstanding work with major airline carriers to enable relocation of physical equipment right throughout the Asia Pacific region has brought successes and now DCT is planning to concentrate more on thedefense and aerospace markets to sustain itsphenomenal success.