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Data Clean Asia : Pioneers in Critical Environment Cleaning

Every major breakthrough in software and application—right from the search engine to social network to SaaS and cloud computing—is the manifestation of Virtualization. The benefits of virtualization are unmatched, and have so far undoubtedly bolstered the software industry. However, the sudden rise in scaling demandsand complex applications’plague the data centreoperatorsto keep pace with this rapidly changing environment, in order to deliver maximum business value. Operators even witness cost issues, particularly in energy consumption, as the data centre operations evolve to a more traditional factory model. It is, therefore, pivotal for every operatortoreimage their entire data centre to avoid downtimes.Given the obvious business opportunities in this space, Data Clean Asia was incorporated to provide critical environment cleaning services like computer rooms, cleanrooms, laboratories and telecom facilities.

Back in 1979, Data Clean Corporation was formed, and was then the sole company that cleaned computers and computer rooms. Later on, byidentifying the dire need for an organization that could support the growing IT demands in APAC region, Data Clean Asia was founded in 2005. The company has established itself as the market leader by providing a high quality, high value service offerings. David Loman, President and CEO, Data Clean Asia, adds, “As our dependence on ubiquitous reliable networks and information flow continues to grow, so does the need for our clients to provide 100 percent uptime.” By reducing the risk of downtime from contamination-related failures, the company supports customers’ goals. Besides cleaning, Data Clean Asia also provides other products and services into data centres, cleanrooms and other controlled access environments.
The organization is Asia’s leading provider of multiple solutions for aisle containment to fit any budget or any situation. The companysells myriad products and services such as blanking panels, high volume floor tiles, floor-fan tiles, raised floor grommets and most importantly, aisle containment.As computer equipment evolved and miniaturized,Data Clean Asia’s cooling services and products had also evolved to help operators reduce cooling system energy costs, which later reduce the cost involved in running a data centre.

It has developed its own standards and procedures in combination with industry standards and regulations to produce outcomes that meet or exceed client’s expectations.

Data Clean Asia has so far successfully cleaned thousands of facilities of variable sizes around the globe

Head quartered in Singapore with other branch offices spread across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and China, Data Clean Asiahas leveraged its leadership position by adhering to the strict company guidelines and proven protocols across the globe.Velson Ang, Managing Director, Data Clean Asia explains, “This insures that a multinational company in the U.S. can receive Data Clean’s services for their data centers based in USA and Asia, and expectsthe same quality of work and expertise.”

Data Clean Asia has so far successfully cleaned thousands of facilities of variable sizes around the globe. To cite few of them are World Banks, Internet Service Providers, Social Media Companies, Governments, Universities, Fortune 500 Companies and Co-location Facilities. It has long-term purview on contamination and will continue tointroduce new designs and improvements. Data Clean Asia,intends to expand its geographical reach in all major areas and broaden its product and service portfolio organically and through acquisitions.