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25 Most Promising Data Centre Solution Providers

ePLDT : Enabling Success through Infrastructure, Expertise and Partnerships

The concept of data centers has been prevailing since the late 1950s when American Airlines and IBM partnered to create a passenger reservation system. Since then, it has evolved enormously; empowering businesses to develop efficient data processing operations. As a strong data centre strategy has become critical to stay competitive in the market, modern businesses are seeking specialised assistance from domain experts. ePLDT, a data infrastructure and information & communications company has earned a coveted spot in the industry by offering Data Center, Big Data, Cloud, Managed IT and Managed Security services. A wholly-owned subsidiary of PLDT, Inc., ePLDT was initially established to build a network of purposely built data centers to cater to the needs of PLDT. Gradually, the company went on to serve corporate clients that were in need of reliable data center services and infrastructure.

“ePLDT took advantage of opportunities to venture into related businesses that would leverage our infrastructure and data center services. Our prior businesses include call center services, business process outsourcing, internet cafe chain operation, online gaming and bills printing,” details Ernesto R. Alberto, PLDT EVP and ePLDT President and CEO. The company pioneered the Philippines’ first purposely-built Tier 3 Internet Data Center, VITRO, which caters to major BPOs, local and international telcos and major Internet Service Providers. Over the years, the company has flourished its data center business exponentially. From one data center (VITRO Pasig) with a server farm space of 3,600 sqm, ePLDT now operates eight data centers with 8,000 full-rack capacity including the two upcoming data centers (VITRO Makati and VITRO Clark) to be operational by mid 2016.
Big data is yet another major segment where ePLDT emerges as a leading market player. “ePLDT’s world-class infrastructure is capable of handling the most demanding data analytics tasks. ePLDT’s infrastructure is designed to handle Big Data processes generated by over 75 million wired and wireless PLDT Group subscribers,” addsAlberto. In the quest to become a world-class ICT outsourcing provider, ePLDT has expanded its line of business through key acquisitions and investments. The company has four subsidiaries to its name, including ABM Global Solutions, CuroTeknika, ePDS and IPC. These initiatives and its rigorous expansion plans have led the company to attain 50 times the growth since its inception. The ePLDT group remains poised to achieve sustained robust growth and is a catalyst of innovation for the larger PLDT/MVP group of companies and Philippine enterprises.

The ePLDT group remains poised to achieve continuous growth and a catalyst of innovation for the larger PLDT/MVP group of companies and Philippine enterprises

ePLDT stands by the idea of ‘Enabling Success’ and it aims to drive its customers’ success through dynamic digital infrastructure. “The company has built a Center of Excellence for each technology domain we offer to clients. This ensures a global-level service quality framework that is in lock-step with the rapid changes in technology,” saysAlberto. The company envisions itself to be globally present across all the digital platforms. To that end, it will sustain its strategy to build along the three key digital pillars: infrastructure, expertise and partnerships. ePLDT will also continue to pursue strategic alliances with global digital pacesetters to create an ecosystem that further elevates the company’s capabilities as a digital enabler.