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KulCloud : Leveraging SDN to provide Next Gen Cloud Networking Solutions

Data center facilities in any organization are significant owing to the crucial role they play in maintaining mission-critical systems. Thus, a datacenter has to be closely monitored to keep it going without any hassles. Especially, when it comes to the datacenter network, organizations need to devote additional attention as it interconnects all of the data center resources together. The absence of programmable network management by centralized abstraction often leads to network failing that adversely affects the daily operations of an organization. Thus, the need for solutions focused on data center network is often feltamong businesses. This is where KulCloud,a cloud networking companysteps in with comprehensive solutions to address network related issues faced by businesses. Headquartered in South Korea, the company develops products and solutions to cater to the impending era of Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization.

KulCloud’svision is to make the network dynamic and agile coupled closely with compute resources and it leverages SDN and NFV to get there. The organizationbrings an extensive array of solutions, which includes Cloud Orchestration, Scale Out Router, Policy Based Traffic Steering and PoC Showcases. The company’s solutions have been focused on addressing various challenges that businesses face pertaining to their network.
KulCloud has developed its service portfolio to support organizations planning cloud deployment with open-source platforms such asOpenstackthat quickly run into operational issues and address hurdles such as fine grained micro-segmentation and WAN integration.

The KulCloud team has also developed a highly scalable open source SDN controller platform, OpenMUL, which has consistently topped various SDN Controller benchmarks ever since its release.Detailing Open MUL, Dipjyoti Saikia, Co-founder, KulCloud says,“It supports a multi-level north bound interface for hosting applications and aims to support various SDN enabling south-bound protocols such as Openflow 1.4, 1.3 and 1.0 along with ovsdb, of-config etc. Being designed for performance and reliability, it is also highly flexible, modular and easy to learn.”

Another major offering by KulCloud is PRISM, which is the first, programmable data plane platform in the Linux Stack. PRISM, is a powerful SDN orchestration approach, which abstracts Linux networking interface, orchestrates and on-boards this interface over a cluster of white boxes to deliver the ultimate form of network disaggregation . Availability of PRISM has enabled the networking community harness the technology to make network agile and lower the cost of operating complex networks .“PRISM transparently off loads Linux networking stack to network wide cluster. In fact it is the first to be able to it,” adds Seokhwan Kong, Co-founder and Director, KulCloud.

KulCloudalso focuses onother core service areas which include Scalable Multi-tenant OpenStack Neutron Gateway, SDN-driven Data Center leaf-spine CLOS Fabric and Scale-out Edge Routers. The company has been a pioneerin the area of SDN/NFV and plans to continue itsspecialization in the segment. “Our major focus areas in the future would be taking this technology and its benefits to drive 5G packet-cores, enabling hyper-scale cloud platforms for IoT and vCPE central office clouds. The future holds immense promise and KulCloud is really excited to be in this space,” concludes Sueng-Yong Park, CTO, KulCloud.