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Xerafy : Delivering Ground-Breaking RFID Solutions for Asset Tracking

With multiple technologies making their way into business systems and almost every process getting digitized, the significance of data and its processing and security has increased. Today, for an IT organization, it becomes a major challenge if data centers fail to maintain accurate inventory records for hundreds of assets that are frequently serviced or moved. Xerafy is a global provider of RFID tags and labels that comes to the rescue of such businesses. The company provides cost-effective, reliable and highly accurate RFID solutions for metal applications in challenging environments. The RFID tags and labels provided by Xerafy make it possible for organizations to track all types of assets in industrial environments.

“Our data center solutions are an outgrowth of our ongoing commitment to identify industries and applications that struggle to manage assets using traditional identification systems (bar codes, RFID tags that do not work well in metal environments, etc.),” says Dennis Khoo, founder & CEO, Xerafy.

Xerafy, with its extensive range of patented RFID tags and labels serves various industries including IT, healthcare, oil & gas, automotive and manufacturing automation. In its range of RFID tags, Xerafy counts Dot XXS, the world’s smallest RFID tag for embedded technology; Dash XXS, a tag that provides outstanding size-to-performance ratio for tracking very small metal assets; and DataTrak II, a cost-effective tag designed especially for data centers olutions. The company also developed the world’s first metal label, the Metal Skin, which is a revolutionary, extremely flexible and low profile tag that works well on metallic and non-metallic assets, and Pico Plus, a durable tag that ensures permanent identification of small metal assets.
These tags are deployed for datacenters across Intel, CISCO, Huawei, and others, and are widely acclaimed for a variety of benefits including real time asset visibility, inventory management, reduced occurrence of un-accounted assets and increased adherence to government mandated asset accountability.

Xerafy doesn’t just eliminate the struggle involved in tracking assets in severe environments, but also maintains a price-performance ratio that enables large-scale deployments with high reliability and accuracy. The company also believes in technological innovations, which allows it to challenge the boundaries of what is available and viable. Detailing the company’s vision to keep innovating, Dennis says, “We were first to introduce several game-changing technologies such as embeddable tags, printable on-metal labels and the world’s smallest tags that today are used for embedded applications and for tracking surgical instruments. We continue to heavily invest in R&D to evolve with the changing landscape of technology and customer needs.”

Team Xerafy believes in innovating and delivering the best to its clients

Team Xerafy has always believed in innovating and delivering the best to its clients. As a result, the company has garnered a vast client base for its products and services. The organization has also achieved recognition such as the Global Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award, the Red Herring Global Top 100 Technology startup, the European Auto ID Award for RFID and the Rising Stars Award at CHINICT. Xerafy has been a frontrunner in the healthcare revolution into IOT and for real technology adoption and compliance for industry requirements. In the years to come, Xerafy looks forward to expanding the ways to capture data and to strengthen its role in the world of IOT. Another major focus for the company will be to enable healthcare organizations and providers to realize overall productivity and increased patient safety through the use of RFID technology.