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Coreplus : Helping Allied Health Practitioners in Australia to ‘Practice Happy’

Technology has taken the world by storm in the past few years. It has played a crucial role in the evolution of businesses operating in almost all sectors. Healthcare, being one of them too has adapted to the technology revolution to ensure great operational efficiency for healthcare institutions, medical practitioners and even patients. Today, everything from booking an appointment to managing the medical reports and all the other data is maintained through software. In the recent years, technology hasn’t just connected doctors and patients in a better way but has also enabled them to manage their work, including appointments and data for ease of operations. An organization that brings similar technology solutions for allied health practitionersis Coreplus. Founded in 2009, the company brings patient/practice management software as a service which is a core system requirement for all health providers within Australia. Coreplus makes patients’ records available to health practitioners electronically anywhere, anytime.

The company came as an aid for allied health practitioners in Australia who areoffered minimal financial support by the government for IT systems as compared to the primary health sector. Thus, to facilitate them with the desired tech support, Coreplus developed its online health practice management software. Itensuredaffordable access to technology to improve efficiency and consistency of their engagement with clients/patients and at the same time, opened up opportunity to innovate the delivery of health care models that leveraged the platform.“Coreplus has taken away the IT overhead and complexity in adopting electronic health records for patients/clients and practice management functionality that conforms with Australia’s unique industry, payments and regulatory conditions,” explains John (Yianni) Serpanos, CEO, Coreplus.
The company has alsoimplemented the first Medicare, 100 percent web based integration which allows health practitioners to submit claims to Medicare via a web browser anywhere, anytime without involving any merchant, eliminating the associated transaction fees. Coreplus has helped allied medical practitioners get rid of the administrative burden and has also aligned with the demographic and work characteristics of these practitioners.It has built a third party SaaS add-on community which enables its users to start with Coreplus and then opt for the additional add-ons and synergistic capability available on a subscription fee.Yianni explains, “We are driven by user experience and work hard to connect our network in a fashion that helps users with the business of practice management and facilitates growth. Our branding strategy is built on the tag line “practice happy” which demonstrates our commitment to being in touch with user needs and addressing them to their delight.”

Our branding strategy is built on the tag line “practice happy” which emonstrates our commitment to being in touch with user needs and addressing them to their delight.

Consistently delivering the best possible solutions to its clients based in Australia, the company has developed a client base of over 15,000 allied health practitioners and connected network of e-Referrers of over 30,000 GP’s and Specialists. Considering its rigorous growth plans, the organization is eyeing 35 percent market penetration and is continuously working towards achieving it. To work towards this, the Coreplus team will continue to innovate patient/practice management requirements for its users, develop its health add on eco-system, plug in reliable source of patient/client referrals and address interoperability and compliance with eHealth standards in Australia that are relevant to its target market.