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25 Most Promising Healthcare Technology Solution Providers - 2016

Health Metrics : Ensuring Advanced Aged Care with the Aid of eCase

Aged Care, one of the most complicated and layered healthcare verticals has been stuck in a state of cul-de-sacwithobsolete technologies and old paradigms for problem solving. This continues to cause industry angst.

Software vendors must navigate a dynamic and complex legislative framework that underpins an equally complex operational layer. Industry success at the application layer is far and few between. Australia based firm Health Metrics with its unique softwareeCaseis changing the way audiences view the application space. eCase is an enterprise-strength solution for the health and wellbeing sector.

Steven Strange, CEO, Health Metrics says, “To the best of our knowledge, it is the only product in the world that will take the provider’s philosophy of care with its consequent policy and turn it into an operationalized workflow.”

The firm’s genesis was a result of the coming together of Steven who at the time was working on data modelingexercises and Lisa Papettaswho had extensive clinical experience in the Aged Care sector. The duo collectively decided to create an enterprise software suitethat would revitalize the industry’s view of Technology . Thus,Health Metrics came into being in 2008 with eCase as their core product. Not only does the product exceedexpectations, it is shifting the technology paradigms for the providers (owners), adding extensive, untapped value in their businesses.
Since the company’s very inception, the duo comprehended the value of cloud and designed eCaseto bea cloud based product (from the ground up). Employing cloud has been win-win for Health Metrics and its customers. The highly advanced eCase is largely supported by an Electronic Care Canvas - an exclusive engine that determines operational activity from policy make up. The Electronic Care Canvas is a feature of the solution that provides flexibility such that customers can tweak and tune the output to fit their own version of best practice care. Further, in the dynamic and sometimes chaotic life of an aged care facility, the Canvas ensures that “nothing is missed”.

Elaborating on the flexibility and strength of the Canvas, Lisa Papettas, COO/Clinical Director of Health Metrics opines, “ With the strength of the Canvas, eCasebusiness intelligence dashboards canvery quickly, very simply graphically illustrate compliance levels at any given facility and compare (benchmark) one facility against another. It can also predict and pre-empt (predictive analytics) high risk events such as falls.”

Since the company’s very inception, Steven and Lisa comprehended the value of cloud and designed eCase to be a Cloud based product

Health Metrics has come a long way as a fore-runner in the market since its inception, and has earned prestigious titles such as Business Review Weekly’s Fast 100 (2015) and Smart50. The company has strategized its growth in the short as well as long term. For growth in the near future, the company will continue to invest its energy and resources in increasing the footprint of its existing services. For the coming years, the team has mapped out its trailblazing market spread to countries such as the U.S. and Europe, while continuing its service as a pioneer in the Australasian market. Envisioning the future, Steven concludes, “Globally, over the next three to five years, we are aiming to have over 150,000 beds under the eCase banner.”