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25 Most Promising Healthcare Technology Solution Providers - 2016

PulseSync: Transforming Aged Care for the future us

It is no longer a question of whether we will have an Aging population problem, but a question of how we facilitate aging in place and aging with dignity? About a decade back when the Aged Care industry was largely ignored and IT solutions for budget starved Aged Care providers still considered to be “Rocket Science”, PulseSync, together with Lien Foundation, was already pioneering extensive Aged Care solutions that are effective and affordable for non-profit organizations. Founded in 2007, and driven by a simple credo – “Simplifying HeaIThcare”, PulseSync set off to serve the Elderly by helping the Aged Care providers do their work better via IT. “Not everybody can be a doctor or a nurse, but we still wanted to help the Elderly” quips Ken Tan, Founder & Managing Director of PulseSync.

This led many of the early IT adopters to leap frog ahead of their counterparts and catalyse changes, leading to many success stories and proof points. The original IT initiative, IngoT, is now in its second inception IngoT2, which is almost an end-to-end cloud hosted system that handles everything from Referral/Intake from government agencies, admission, bed management, billing, electronic medical record, prescription, to medication administration as well as interfaces with external systems and subsystems allowingnursing homes, day care centres and home care agencies to run their operations and manage their elderly patients more productively and effectively.

This Software-As-A-Service on Cloud is one of three PulseSync’s line of businesses, together with Mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT). The mobile arm develops innovative mobile solutions such as point-of-care and mobile medication administration applications while
the Internet of Things business looks into linking and talking to useful “things” such as equipment, devices, instruments, sensors, beds, etc. from the core IT system.

One of the unique and innovative projects spawned from their IoT business is Project Gym Tonic, an Exercise-As-Medicine initiative for the Elderly.Gym Tonic uses IT and modern IoT enabled pneumatic gym equipment, measuring and testing devices to provide a safe, measurable and targeted way to guide and track the elderly on strength exercises, helping them to regain or maintain their daily living abilities through simple and targeted strength training.

Although PulseSync is showcased as an IT solution provider, their strength is in the deep knowledge of the Aged Care Sector as well as their willingness and approach to consider and utilize non-IT elements to make their IT solutions more effective and impactful. One example is the ground-up and participatory approach adopted for the design and development of the IngoT systems creating a community of like-minded organizations that convene regularly to share know-how, discuss best practices and explore new innovations.

(We)View/understand (problems, process, industry, etc.) differently and with more depth, come up with big-picture solutions (beyond IT if need be), and drive this with passion and purpose

“The three ways we distinguish ourselves are to view/understand (problems, process, industry, etc.) differently and with more depth, come up with big-picture solutions (beyond IT if need be), and drive this with passion and purpose,” concludes Ken. “Our next goals are to look at bringing Aged Care to the next stage where the Elderly can age in place and with dignity (transforming Aged Care for the future us) and we hope to bring this vision to five countries within the next five years and are on a look out for like-minded investors to achieve this together.”