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25 Most Promising Healthcare Technology Solution Providers - 2016

Soliton IT: Remodelling Healthcare workflows with RIS and Reporting Solutions

As Information Technology made real inroads in the business world during the early 2000s, the Healthcare industry too experienced various technological transformations. Helping clients leverage the influx of IT in the healthcare sector is Soliton IT, a provider of cutting edge Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Reporting Workflow Management (RWM) Solutions with integrated Speech Recognition and Digital Dictation. “Clients in this sector don’t want to have to think about how to use IT solutions, they need to be intuitive and they need to save time, moreover they need to be fully integrated reducing data entry and mitigating risk. In recent years, Healthcare providers have moved away from inflexible single supplier solutions embracing best-of-breed solutions and for this interoperability really is key,” explains Monica Reed, Managing Director, Soliton IT Australia.

The company marked its first market presence instituting a high-end Reporting Workflow Management solution and in more recent years a very well received state of the art Radiology Information Systems (RIS) offering high level of useability and interoperability. Monica adds, “The Soliton IT suite provides for efficient task based workflows, providing all the information needed on one easy to use and easy to read GUI, making day-to-day operations more efficient and returning priorities to Patient Care.” Soliton IT is now perhaps best known for their process-oriented RIS, Radiology+TM..

Bob Watson, Ed Wright and Monica Reed, the founding members and Directors act as the backbone of the growing organization. With the trio’s expertise, Soliton IT made its first market presence in 2004 in the UK by putting together a team of skilled and experienced members with a background in clinical diagnostic imaging and the healthcare IT industry. Later in 2006, they expanded internationally with entry to the Australia market. Based on their extensive 12 years of market observance and industry collaboration, the company has built an array of products and solutions at the forefront of technology, customer expectations and industry requirements. The company is well known for their interoperability and seamless integration, partnering internationally with a long list of other Healthcare IT providers to deliver best-of-breed solutions.
A trail-blazer in the market, the company provides pioneering products, has a reputation for delivery on-time and on-budget in enviable timeframes, realizing value for money to their clients. Displaying an unwavering focus towards incorporating the latest technologies to provide workflow efficiency the company has revolutionized processes in the Healthcare sector. “Our integrated solutions, including Reporting Workflow Management solution, Reporting+TM incorporate optimised Speech Recognition, the products are incredibly flexible – providing for quick and easy transition between Digital Dictation, Voice Recogniton and Correctionist workflows even on a case by case basis. Support for workflows and feed-back loops specifically for Registrar training has also proved very popular. Reporting+TM has been deployed with a wide variety of RIS/PACS/LIS providing HL7 and desktop integration for an easy to use, seamless, fully integrated solution often providing the much needed context integration between products from different providers,” explains Monica.

Within four years, the company has successfully delivered Radiology Information Systems to more than 100 hospitals. Radiology+ has gained popularity among clients for its long list of features. The solution has a rich User Interface, supports electronic requests, has procedures for online vetting and protocoling, appointment scheduling and letters, gives Email and SMS reminders as well as alerts for both Patients and Referrers, can scan or batch scan documents, provides self check-in for patients, DICOM modality worklist and MPPS, Voice Recognition, Digital Dictation and Correctionist workflows, Exam completion for Radiology, Diagnostic Obstetric and Foetal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and more. Soliton IT has also developed a Radiology+ Mobile App for iOS and Android users which has proven a boon for the company.

Soliton IT has developed a Radiology+ Mobile App for iOS and Android users which has proven a boon for the company.

Today, Soliton IT is identified for their advanced services and sits comfortably among the most prominent companies in the industry with eminent clients such as Qld Health, WA Health, UK NHS and Sonic Healthcare successfully delivering integrated solutions to or for an impressive list of Healthcare IT providers including Agfa Healthcare, Ascribe, Aspyra, Aycan, Carestream, Cerner, CSC(iSoft), Fujifilm, GE, HSS, Insignia, Intelerad, McKesson, Meditech, Medway, Merge, OCCAM, Philips, Plumtree, RIPS (VDB),Sectra, Siemens, Silverlink among others. The company continues to grow and has channelized significant and experienced resources to support and strengthen its Australian market presence.