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25 Most Promising Managed Service Providers

Ademco : Leading Provider of Comprehensive Managed Security Services

“ The precondition to freedom is security. ” This quote by Rand Beers was conceived reflecting at the general aspects of life but it very well applies to today’s ever-changing business landscape. Only when a business is able to safeguard its security can it operate with maximum freedom . With a rapidly evolving threat landscape, security has increasingly become an integral priority for companies.

Recognising the need for businesses to have constant, responsive and reliable security support, Ademco Security Group offers an extensive range of managed security services and solutions to help increase operational and financial efficiencies. Initially set up in 1977 as the regional headquarters of the U.S.security company in Singapore, Ademco underwent a management buy-out in 1985 led by T C Koh who was the Managing Director at the time, to fulfill its vision of becoming a full-fledged security solutions provider for the region . Today, Ademco has established itself as a leading security solutions provider in Asia, playing a critical role in shaping Singapore’s security landscape. Among its pioneering efforts include the launch of Singapore’s first private Central Monitoring Services in 1985 and the establishment of Singapore’s first and only private encrypted packet-data wireless mesh network dedicated to fire, emergency and equipment monitoring in 1988. Its till remains the most extensive mesh network serving more than 2,400 buildings in Singapore.

Ademco’s reliable security solutions are aimed at tackling dynamic business and government challenges. Ademco provides innovative and comprehensive electronic security and monitoring services to more than 8,000 high-security sites, government buildings, embassies, corporate premises, chemical, oil and gas installations besides entertainment, educational and healthcare facilities. Ademco is an eminent unified security management solution (USMS) provider in Asia.
“The powerful USMS allows seamless single platform management of a host of sub-solutions, from electronic access control, identity management, CCTV surveillance, to smart analytics,” says Toby Koh, Group Managing Director, Ademco.

Ademco’s concept of "Intelligent Solutions in Human-centric Environment" ensures that smart security solutions are in place for its customers. The company positions itself as a hybrid between traditional security monitoring services provider and a security technology company. Its array of security services and products enable customers to improve productivity and gain business advantages. Additionally, Ademco offers a powerful suite of managed services including VerifCloud, VerifView, Verif Access and VerifOps. These solutions are powered by cloud computing and are widely implemented by businesses for streamlining operations. “Recognising the huge potential of managed services, Ademco restructured in 2007 to include an in-house development and design division (DES). With support from DES (Development, Engineering & Solutions), in 2012 we introduced the next generation of managed services,VerifSuite,” recollects Toby.Another major investment that led Ademco to newer heights was the launch of a new Advanced Central Monitoring Center, which began operations in 2015.

Ademco offers a powerful suite of managed services including VerifCloud, Verif View, Verif Access and VerifOps

With its innovative efforts, Ademco has gained recognition as a market leader and has held several prestigious awards including the Enterprise 50 Awards Singapore 2015, the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2015 (Heritage Brand) and the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2013. Ademco currently has over 20 offices across Asia and it plans to expand to more high potential economies and growth segments in Asia.“Our growth plan for the next three years is to increase our reach into two more Asian countries through JVs and acquisitions. We will also be enhancing our technological abilities by having an innovation center,” concludes Toby.