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Offis : Enabling Business Growth by Leveraging Multi-Cloud Services

Cloud computing has enabled the automation and the near real-time delivery of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), where core components such as Servers, Storage and even Network Devices can now be abstracted, defined in software, scripted, provisioned, modified on the fly, monitored and delivered repeatedly. Companies are empowered to overcome the burden and constraints of traditional IT infrastructure. The lack of infrastructure resources, and manual intensive operations have typically resulted in inefficient unwieldy production environments where management constantly wrestles with the issue of obsolescence, and highly constrained application development activities. In an age of digital disruption, establishing and maintaining competitive advantage is core to survival, and Cloud Computing is a key part of the solution for most companies, enhancing productivity, agility, and scalability.

Cloud computing has witnessed tremendous growth and become vital for companies. Today, businesses worldwide are leveraging Cloud technologies and gaining extensive benefits. Cloud computing brings the ability to provision complex environments in a full automated, software controlled manner and helps companies to innovate faster. Being a visionary and innovative player in this domain, Offis Pty Ltd has led the way with development of multi-cloud environment provisioning automation capability. Whilst many competitors remained wedded to their own data centres or were focusing on a single public cloud provider, Offis Pty Ltd was an early adopter of Cloud Management Platform capabilities to become a multi-cloud service provider. Offis is a Cloud MSP and a Cloud Broker, providing unbiased experienced professional services and support across the entire cloud gamut (private, public and hybrid cloud) - from planning and design to implementation, management and beyond. Since 1997, the company has been designing and deploying complex infrastructure and hosting services for hundreds of clients including some of the biggest Australian, New Zealand and International brands. These environments and workloads have been deployed domestically and globally to several different public and private cloud service providers.

Led by Franck Demoiseau, Offis is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. “Several years ago, it became clear to us that most enterprises would need to leverage multiple clouds for their business. So we set out to find the best cloud management platform to orchestrate multi-cloud deployments, manage, govern and optimize applications in one or more clouds. Offis selected and became a Right Scale partner in 2014. Right Scale has recently been confirmed as the leader in hybrid and multi-cloud management by Forrester," says Demoiseau.

Leveraging the RightScale Platform

Offis leverages the Right Scale platform to automate and orchestrate the build of customer cloud based environment deployments ensuring that they are portable across public clouds and private clouds, maximizing benefits such as cost-optimization, agility and productivity, while future-proofing customers’ cloud investment. “Companies can quickly derive cloud benefits by starting small if they wish, in their private datacenter, in one of our private clouds, or in one of their preferred public clouds. They can then grow their cloud ambition at their own pace with full flexibility and control, add new clouds, and even switch clouds to suit their evolving needs. This provides true multi-cloud agility without companies becoming locked in to contracts or proprietary systems or overly dependent upon any one Cloud provider”, says Demoiseau.

Offis combines best of breed cloud technologies with Intellectual Property and an experienced team of professionals to assist companies solve the many challenges they face: professional engagements with companies to document, simplify and automate existing operations, removing key human resource risks; outsourced management of infrastructure, applications and operations for companies, and/or training their staff on how to manage everything themselves using the leading cloud portfolio management platform. Offis also enables companies to manage their cloud costs and derive many other impressive benefits, including facilitating DevOps using automated full environment provisioning to massively speed up development lifecycles, managing cloud-agnostic workloads in private / public clouds with a single administration platform, visualizing, forecasting, and optimizing costs with a multi-cloud analytics platform, enabling cost-effective disaster recovery in the cloud, and many other relevant use cases and patterns.

Bringing Cost-effective Cloud Solutions

Companies are currently leveraging cloud computing in many ways, ranging from shadow IT initiatives, running applications, and supporting IT development. The problem is that cloud costs can increase very quickly when unrestricted and unmanaged. Furthermore, there is usually a lack of transparency of these rising costs for CIOs and CFOs.

A multi-cloud strategy offers an opportunity to actively reduce costs by optimizing when and how clouds and cloud zones are used as prices and demand change. However, this requires a certain maturity, sophistication, and the right technology and solutions.
 Offis provides a simple way for companies to limit cloud costs through policies and enable full transparency of all their cloud costs through advanced cloud analytics.
Recommendations can be provided on the best cloud(s) to use for specific applications and environments. And because Offis makes applications cloud portable, companies can take advantage of the best costs on offer.

Deriving Cloud Efficiency from existing VMware Investments

Typical VMware installations lack key cloud capabilities, and access tends to be limited to a small number of trained administrators. Meanwhile, IT teams look increasingly to important benefits inherent in the cloud, which simple virtualization does not support, such as having immediate access to near-infinite compute resources, providing self-service access to developers and users across the enterprise, enabling the provisioning of full development / test environments in real time, improving resource usage and performance etc.

Application developers have the same requirements for on-demand access and self-service with virtualized resources as they currently get from the cloud. Offis fills the gap between simple virtualization capabilities and the cloud capabilities by leveraging a lightweight RightScale virtual software appliance. A VMware based private cloud can then be bound to a RightScale account providing a single pane of glass to manage all resources across VMWare environments and public or private clouds alike. Workloads become portable across cloud environments and VMWare environments, creating tremendous efficiencies and flexibility. Companies can have self-service provisioning from their VMWare environments, and add complete governance controls to enable multi-tenancy across business units. Costs become transparent and traceable, allowing internal chargeback. The end result is that companies gain maximum flexibility, control, and leverage from both their existing virtualization infrastructure and cloud infrastructure. From a CIO or CFO’s perspective this capability effectively extends the life of and usability of existing infrastructure that often represents a significant investment for enterprises.

A New Approach to Manage Public Cloud and Private Cloud Infrastructure

Surveys show that on average, companies are working with three public and three private clouds, and feel they need more resources and more specialized expertise. Powerful automation and orchestration tools are needed before companies can exploit the opportunities a multi-cloud strategy brings. Furthermore, companies must acquire or outsource the necessary multi-cloud expertise. Offis is a rare breed of MSP, providing professional services and having the expertise and tools to manage workloads efficiently on any virtual machine, any server, any container, and on any cloud. Offis is comfortable with providing fluid operational support roles that change over time: from full managed services to consulting or training partner only. Offis is the only RightScale training partner in Australia. Offis is currently managing workloads for many customers that are deployed to more than 10 public and/or private clouds, and leveraging the RightScale platform to manage everything in one place, automating and orchestrating complete, complex environments.

Offis sees a massive opportunity for enterprises to become more agile, productive, and cost-effective by automating and orchestrating the deployment of their environments and subsequent operations. Operations can now be managed without specialized expertise in an environment where everything is documented and automated.

Expanding the Power of Cloud

The combination of advanced solutions, premium managed services and experienced-based professional services allows Offis to bring companies key capabilities such as offering a cost-effective path to the cloud, providing industry-leading cross-cloud portability, reusability and flexibility for future changes in direction. In addition, Offis delivers optimized and automated production environments to reduce complexity, remove the burden of infrastructure, move from a CapEx to an on-demand OpEx utility model, improve agility, improve productivity, and reduce reliance on expensive human resources. Offis Cloud services can automate the provisioning and orchestration of complete application and infrastructure architectures across private and public clouds, providing market-leading efficiencies: allowing to provision an entire application stack and multifaceted solution architecture in just hours (instead of months) to boost a company’s DevOps capability and radically shorten application release cycles.

Offis fills the gap between simple virtualization capabilities and the cloud capabilities by leveraging a lightweight Right Scale virtual software appliance

By managing large cloud deployments, Offis has enabled companies to enhance innovation and agility by outsourcing infrastructure management, so they can focus on business objectives and value-adding activities. Being a cloud broker and an experienced player in the domain, Offis understands cloud technologies and maintains a high standard in delivering to customer expectations.

By empowering companies with reliable, flexible, scalable, optimized, secure cloud managed services and professional services across the whole multi-cloud gamut, Offis is well poised for strong growth.