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SCI-BI: Offering Dedicated Support to Streamline Data Integration Initiatives

Today’s organizations performing complex tasks increasingly value more effective systems and new ways of data management to capture high quality data. Small companies and enterprises, starting afresh in the industry also understand the challenges in managing data assets and plan to implement the data integration system. Data Integration has quickly evolved as the unified solution that businesses can trust and deploy across departments and one company transforming the value of data through fast, flexible and agile data integration solutions is SCI-BI Systems.

Founded in 2012, SCI-BI enables organizations to create data integration strategies using modern and powerful tools including Informatica, Talend, SSIS, Pentaho, ODI, Data Stage, and SAP BODS. By stitching together these open-source and proprietary tools available in the market, SCI-BI reduces operational costs and proactively addresses data quality deficiencies. SCI-BI helps customers to solely focus on informed decision making while managing all of their processes as a data integration expert. “We have to focus on the area where we can ensure customer delight and not just customer satisfaction. That area for us is Data Integration,” confirms Balaji Pichumani, MD and CEO, SCI-BI.

Balaji further points out, “With more and more customers looking at Hybrid Cloud and SaaS Applications such as Salesforce.com, data integration process gets more and more complicated as they have to abide by the rules of multiple platforms. This makes it all the more necessary for dedicated support as it becomes almost impossible for customers to keep track of all the processes.” The company supports customers at every step with adequate technical expertise which lays the groundwork for the conversion of the old procedures to new data integration specialties using the customer’s preferred tool of choice.

Core Principles STARS Ensure the Best Services
SCI-BI has adopted skill, transparency, agility, readiness and speed (STARS) as its core principles. SCI-BI’s experienced team has the skillset to effectively
predict a solution by the time an issue is raised or a new request is made. The company’s operations such as transparent reporting on Solved incidents, Open items, Work in progress etc., encourage businesses to bring transparency in operational issues and project execution methods. Staying agile, SCI-BI’s development team constantly engages with customers to understand their business requirements and helps them to stay agile during the entire length of the project. The organization ensures readiness by taking up additional work to minimize burden on the business and also provides sufficient back up developers whenever there is additional load. SCI-BI takes the lead to improve speed and time to market. The company’s Incident resolution times and successful project delivery remains unmatched.

SCI-BI helps customers to solely focus on informed decision making while managing all of their processes as a data integration expert

SCI-BI solves the bigger challenge of implementing analytics for SAP through MEDIA (Managed Everything Data Integration & Analytics), a cloud hosted environment that accelerates the building and managing of an analytics platform. The company also collaborates with AWS and builds, tests and deploys DW, ETL and visualizations to secure cloud servers with 99.9 percent Up-time.

Going forward, SCI-BI aims to gain more customers for MEDIA for SAP and AWS Analytics. It is also aiming for the highest level of partnerships with Informatica and Talend to perfect its products. The company plans to add expertise in Big-Data ETL for Hadoop and Hadoop Administration. SCI-BI’s services have proven time and again that if customers are freed from data quality issues, they can increase their chances of achieving success with new products and innovation.