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UnitedStack: Elevating OpenStack Implementation through Innovation

The technical evolution has spurred enormous changes in the way modern businesses design processes and systems. With the rapid growth of the technology, implementing software tools has also become increasingly sophisticated. OpenStack is one such open-source software platform that offers cloud computing methodologies and helps in the infrastructural growth of organizations.While businesses are busy rigorously deploying this OpenStack Software, they often fail to ensure the high quality operation management of the OpenStack platform due to the lack of OpenStack talents and skills in the marketplace. Sensing the pulse of the industry and aiming to overcome these challenges, Cheng Hui established UnitedStack Inc. in 2013.

This Beijing headquartered company leverages its UOS platform to seamlessly migrate customer’s data between public cloud and managed private cloud and helps them to deploy a hybrid cloud by ensuring applications and data flow freely and safely on the hybrid cloud. UnitedStack’s cloud services have been well received by its customers in various industries including internet, energy, finance, manufacturing and other industries.

UnitedStack offers three high reliable OpenStack-based cloud services including public cloud, managed private cloud and hybrid cloud to its customers. These services are based on UOS platform with same area nodes and provide three types of services: Infrastructure Services (cloud sever, cloud storage and virtual data center networking, etc.), Application Services (load balancing, file sharing, relational database, object storage, Redis, etc.) and Operation & Maintenance services (monitoring alarm, sub-account collaboration, full APIs support and on-demand pricing/subscription pricing). For its managed private cloud service, UnitedStack not only help its customers deploy OpenStack cloud platform but also delivers specialized O&M services through automated sophisticated O&M and monitor system so that it can actively repair issues to prevent failures of the underlying infrastructure to interrupt business applications running.
Although, the company first launched UOS 1.0 beta version allowing ‘Plug and Play’ method for OpenStack distribution, but, steadily realized that it can provide reliable OpenStack platform only after experiencing large-scale deployment of the software after testing the production and operation. Therefore, the company transformed its direction and launched UOS 2.0 with a spirit of starting all over again in July 2014.

“OpenStack’s motto is to "Automate all the things" and the UnitedStack team also work towards harboring high degree of automation. We strive to make automated processes or API replace any manual steps involved,” elaborates Cheng Hui.

UnitedStack’S cloud services have been well received by its customers in various industries including internet, energy, finance, manufacturing and other industries

The company insists on the development model of “Upstream First” and keeps pace with the upstream. UOS synchronizes with the open source community once every six months to ensure that all customers’ Region can perform NDU (non-disruptive upgrade). In addition, Upstream First not only refers to codes, but also includes the introduction of complete CI tool chains of development, testing and automated-deployment from open source communities to ensure the high quality of codes.

While fostering the growth of open source cloud computing platform, In April 24, UnitedStack has been approved as the Gold Member by the board of directors of the OpenStack Foundation. It has been the No. 19 gold member of the Foundation. The company also released its UOS 3.0 version in March 2016 and aims to launch the UOS 4.0 version based on OpenStack Mitaka in August 2016 delivering technological innovation to deploy open source cloud in different scenarios in 2016.