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Data Mart for Excel: An Enterprise-Class Data Discovery Tool Enabling Easy Extraction of Data into Excel

The significance of data and its utility for businesses in this age is well-known. Data discovery and analytics today is essential for organizations to gain control over processes and to take crucial business decisions. A similar need among accountants became a motivation for the founding team of Data Mart for Excel, a provider of an enterprise-class data discovery tool. The organization came into existence in 2010 to offer businesses the ability to provide users with unlimited filters when extracting data. The company was originally founded as a set of mainframe tools that extracted DB2 data and created Excel files in one easy-to-use process. These tools brought chronic support for accountants to analyze and manipulate mainframe data using powerful Excel functions. This assured the much needed financial control to accountants, further providing them the ability to control multiple platforms from a single place i.e. Excel. This prevented them from logging on to multiple applications to extract data into Excel.

“It was originally used to connect to ODBC databases such as MS Access, IBM DB2, SQL Server, Oracle DB and Teradata; then adapted to read ERP applications like OLAS, Oracle eBS and SAP using ODBC drivers,” specifies Antonio Elinon, Managing Director, Data Mart for Excel. Also known as D4E, the company brings the ability to extract real-time information from the ERP General Ledger or any real-time mirrored version of the General Ledger. This helps in performing tasks such as flash reporting, transaction confirmation and accurate drill-downs quicker than any other reporting tool.

Data Mart for Excel also provides its clients with end-to-end technical support for creating custom D4E applications that assure stability and long term
usability. The company offers real-time reporting applications that are widely implemented among businesses with powerful built-in parameter prompts. Data Mart for Excel comes as a data discovery tool which brings consistent support for accountants, IT analysts, business users and database administrators. Besides, the tool witnesses a great demand among companies with SAP ERP and Netweaver Business Warehouse. It helps SAP ERP clients eliminate the challenges involved in getting the data extracted into Excel and trouble-free data analysis. Without any large-scale implementations or maintenance specifications, the D4E tool assures quick application development with assured usage of parameterized variables.

Data Mart for Excel helps creating Data Marts that understand the clients’ applications and allow access to the information directly from Excel

Sydney based Data Mart for Excel helps creating Data Marts that understand the clients’ applications and allow access to the information directly from Excel. Besides, the simple and easy-to-use menu options and toolbars available in the tool ensure the creation of simple spreadsheets. Owing to the various benefits associated with the D4E tool, the company today serves a vast client base majorly made up of leading insurance companies and banks. The organization’s vision is to empower business users, IT analysts and more specifically accountants with real time reporting assistance. “D4E aims to penetrate the ERP market with companies that would like to empower their accountants with an easy-to-use real-time reporting tool and at the same time save the costs of development or maintenance of their critical accounting functions,” says Antonio, winding up the conversation.