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Mustard Seed Systems Corporation: Increasing Customer’s Efficiency and Profitability

Glitches in finances has been plaguing corporate IT since years.It is always a herculean task to preserve assets while following traditional methodologies for enterprises. The recent penetration of technology in organizational account processes has come as a boon. Thus, enterprises are now transitioning from manual books of records tomore user-friendly accounting software for bringing in transparency, flexibility and seamless internal operations. Visualizing this growing need, Osler Patrick Fajardo and Dean Go, together incepted Mustard Seed Systems Corporation in 1999. Their primary objective then was to introduce off-the-shelf sale accounting and point-of-sale software for the growing number of small and medium sized businesses in Quezon City, Philippines.

Osler Patrick Fajardo, Managing Director, explains, “Large corporations and companies from other countries have embraced this change in their accounting system and so Mustard Seed initiated the introduction of computerized accounting by tapping smaller businesses that are willing to innovate.” Mustard Seed prides itself for its capability of providing personalized services in diversified arenas. With its competitive products such as SAP, Microsoft NAV and Payroll and accounting software, the company provides business management solutions to both SMB’s and enterprises—focused on integrating several business processes in a seamless operation. Its Education Technology Solution improves the quality of classroom experience through innovative technology. Next, in Human Resource Management Solutions, the company manages clients’ human resource and database.

Mustard Seed renders retail solutions that help business owners to track their inventory, loss and revenues and security. The IT solutions provide a strong IT infrastructure to small businesses. Further, its Office Machines & Fit-Out
Solutions provide assistance to its clients regarding their preferred office design. Through its Building & Industry Solutions the company provides integrated fire safety and security for establishments and offices.

During its initial years, the company developed its own payroll software to address the needs of its accounting software customers. However, Mustard Seedhad atough time in marketing its product in an overcrowded product industry. The first phase of product development was also cumbersome to a large extent that affected its initial growth cycle. To overcome that, Mustard Seed, instead of using standard approach of customizing the software, focused on having a payroll solution which could be universally used in different industries. “Our initial offerings of various accounting software paved way for the creation of Payroll Pro,” expounds Osler Fajardo. It collaborated with its first few clients to address the issues and develop products. Doing that, the company gained the trust and confidence of SMEs which pivoted its way for a larger customer base.

Mustard Seed prides itself for its capability of providing personalized services in diversified arenas

Having been in the industry from the past 16 years, the company has gathered deep experience and expertise.Some of the prestigious awards earned by Mustard Seed include SAP Partner Awards - Net New Names: SAP Business One 2013, SAP Business One - Star Achiever 2014, SAP API Partner Excellent Award – Small Business Solution Innovation 2015, Philippine Marketing Excellence Award, National Product Quality Excellence Awards and Fuji Xerox Channel Partner Silver Award among several others.Besides, the company is regularly a part of seminars and trainings to improve its skills.Going forward, the company plans to strengthen its base in Philippines and in the South East Asian market.With its strong digital marketing team, Mustard Seed seeks to become the premier I.T company in the industry.