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vVolve: Fostering Innovation to Thread a Perfectly Digitized Enterprise

As businesses mature, the complex IT systems that used to play a pivotal role in improving and managing processes make way for simpler, less-expensive and smarter alternatives. Enterprise IT systems have evolved from being a back bone of the organization to business enabler to becoming business disruptor. Furthermore, when there is an insatiable need for data-driven decision making, adaptive strategies and digitally aware environments, transformation of business becomes critically essential. With digitization acting as a catalyst, it has become imperative for organizations to adopt early to be relevant and be a game changer in the current competitive market.

However, the success of an organization to transform into a Digital business depends on how effectively they plan the transformation journey and what processes they design to realize its scope and impact. Generally, challenges are abound when organizations are going through this transformational journey as it impacts workforce in the way they execute the processes. The uncertainty in adoption of young and promising technologies in this transformational journey makes it critical for organizations to choose a business partner who could make the transition transparent, measurable with a key focus on results. Add to this, the constant efforts to expand and evolve further makes the consolidation of processes and centralized process execution a business imperative.

Digitally Enabled Business Processes
For any organization relying on processes that dictate business outcomes, it is quite essential to stay in control and contain the far-reaching drawbacks of weaker business processes. An organization needs to find a way to gain clear visibility and complete control of processes. One company that has solved this dilemma by integrating SAP capabilities with its own best-of-breed solutions to help customers in their Digital transformation initiatives is vVolve.

vVolve set foot in the IT industry as a SAP consulting services provider with a clear focus to deliver more business value leveraging on existing customer’s IT investments. vVolve staying true to its vision meaning “we evolve” took a giant leap and came up with the concept of ‘Digital Process’. This has attributed in organizations deriving higher business value from digitization. Using SAP technology at the center of its innovative offerings, the company is setting a new standard by connecting the worlds of Process Automation and Digital Solutions to deliver unique business models. Understanding the need of a superior customer experience of today’s modern business user, vVolve knew that digitization was the way ahead. This vision to bring the power and flexibility of digital transformation compelled the founders to make the shift from being an SAP consulting provider to becoming an SAP Digital organization with a greater emphasis on enabling business transformation through digital business solutions. To drive this transformation, vVolve combines multiple products and services from SAP and designs an implementation strategy that allows clients to quickly adapt to the new digital trends. vVolve’s rich experience in SAP business processes and industry experience, it enabled them to define clear strategy and execution giving them the edge over the others.

Enabling customers to be digital ready, vVolve has been incredibly consistent in liaising with customers in planning, implementation and integration of SAP solutions. Coupled with its flexible engagement models, the company allows organizations to maintain business agility through these unique solutions adoption cycle.

vVolve implements SAP solutions considering the factors of Digital core, which serves as a major differentiator for companies that still follow traditional principles. By introducing Digital SAP, vVolve manages to automate processes which may otherwise are beyond traditional ERP framework, thereby eliminating the manual work involved in business functions. With optimized data management techniques, vVolve digitizes all the transactional data so organizations do not have to go back to a different system or content or document which stores unstructured data. vVolve processes this data and turns it into meaningful information. For customers who need more than an SAP ERP solutions provider, the company provides consulting services across various stages of adoption cycle viz selection, implementation, improvement and retire application lifecycle.

vVolve’s array of dynamic services include SAP ERP solutions combined with complementing OpenText solutions, Accounts Payable (SAP Invoice Management by OpenText) and Receivables Automation in support of Shared Services establishment, Analytics, Big data (SAP HANA), HCM on Cloud (SuccessFactors),SAP S4 HANA, Process Digitization (SAP Extended ECM by OpenText) & Budgeting and forecasting.

Having core consulting capabilities in both SAP and OpenText solutions, vVolve is uniquely positioned to help customers maximize the benefits of their investments. The company’s versatile approach is the key to helping clients develop automated processes while maximizing visibility and transparency across enterprise-wide operations.

A Unique Mix of Consulting and Technical Talent
A big share of vVolve’s leadership team which comes from the Big Four has a deep understanding of how to unlock the benefits of a digital business platform. The company’s highly skilled experts have designed proven delivery methods that can help an enterprise maximize agility and make the most of an existing SAP investment. With the team’s unparalleled experience, vVolve provides high value consulting oriented towards positive impact on business through its solutions. Raghu, Founder and CEO of vVolve explains, “Our services are not just technology focused, but are business-centric. We use technology as a tool for better business outcomes. This approach of focus on positive business outcome is the difference between vVolve and any other SAP consulting organization”. Having spent over 20 years in the region in the SAP industry, vVolve is adept to local business culture and how to tailor the transformation initiatives for local customers.

Raghu further says, “It is a challenge for customers to find a partner with consulting flavor and a strong business domain acumen along with technology experience. If you go to a customer and say we offer SAP implementation services, I don’t think customers today are very keen” to engage. So it is important to bring the business domain expertise. It is this uniqueness that has helped the company to rapidly acquire new customers.” The company has already gained a strong customer base with more than 50 customers in the last six years. Raghu adds, “We are very satisfied with our progress because we have extremely happy customers across the geographies we operate in, who have reaped significant benefits using our solutions and have agreed to be our referrals.”

Exploring the Path of Innovation
Understanding the challenges that may arise from new technologies, organizations must always be prepared to react promptly in case any defect slips in during the implementation. When it comes to the next wave of solutions, organizations must take charge to manage, control, and support operational processes. To that end, vVolve employs the Digital Core tools that deliver more flexibility, strategic action and better understanding of the right solutions to accelerate the project growth.

Knowing that a lack of clearly aligned strategies and an increased reliance on traditional tactics of business improvement will only compound these challenges, vVolve has devised its very own Evolutionary Model of Project Execution. The Evolutionary Model of Project Execution is based on fundamental pillars which consist of Expertise, Experience and Business Impact. By infusing these core principles across each project, vVolve reduces the project execution time and pay back periods to establish stable and reliable channels for faster project execution. To cite an example, in a typical accounts payable automation projects, vVolve with its experience have productized the solution for local needs, thus reducing the project execution time by 40 percent.

vVolve’s versatile approach is the key to helping clients develop automated processes while maximizing visibility and transparency across enterprise-wide operations

Headquartered in Singapore, vVolve offers comprehensive support to its customers which goes beyond the normal buyer and vendor relationship. The compelling success story of a leading pharmaceutical company serves practical evidence to the company’s all round project implementation skills. This pharma company was looking for a simple technical upgrade in order to solve a small but critical pain point. When vVolve stepped in, it was evident that the core need is much bigger than initially visualized. That required a significant rethinking on the way the processes was handled. vVolve insisted on using an entirely different solution and approach. vVolve, to gain the customer’s trust, co-invested in the project. The project result received high appreciation from CIOs and CFOs of various countries and vVolve’s commitment to deliver business innovation and improvement was proven again in the industry. Later this pharma company expanded the solution to a global template perfected by vVolve’s team and are deploying it globally. Another example of its innovative solution well appreciated and that set a bench mark is it’s Analytics solution to one of the leading airports in Asia delivered as part of the customer’s corporate analytics initiative. The key objective of this initiative was aimed at better control and transparency of processes, its associated data, to gain real-time insights for better decision making.

So far, vVolve has had an eventful journey and has received accolades in the industry for constantly winning the customers trust. By ensuring that each technology brings a positive and meaningful impact to the customer’s business, vVolve aims to replicate its successful offerings to more customers and continue to be known in the industry as a trusted partner. vVolve has already forayed in to other growing markets with presence in Malaysia and Middle East. vVolve has seen a rapid growth and have a strength of more than 100 employees. They have much higher dreams and aims to have a double digit growth in the coming years.