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Deskera Holdings: Paving the Way for Efficient HR Functions with HRMS

Shashank Dixit, CEO

An entrepreneur is akin to a gardener and his initial idea of a seed. Like sowing a plant, an entrepreneur must first conceive an idea, sow the seeds by putting the plan into action and then nourish the idea to help it grow and develop over time. The story of Shashank Dixit is a personification of this phenomenon. The young entrepreneur always had the penchant for writing codes and building enterprise software. When he was in IIT Kanpur, Shashank used to license basic components of HRMS & ERP to customers. After completing his degree from India he moved to Singapore in mid 2000s and started selling Enterprise software to small firms. Counting it as the toughest phase in his career, he persisted through the ups and downs with much aplomb. All of this culminated into him founding Deskera Holdings Pte Ltd from an idea, to a concept, to what it is today—a leading open source HRMS company. Interestingly, the source codes that Shashank used to license during his college days formed the basis of Deskera's enterprise software products.The company today builds world class software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), project management (PM) and human resource management (HRMS) for its premium clients such as Starbucks, Sushi Tei, Senwan, SIDC, Intel, Google and many more in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to bagging prestigious clients, Shashank also received the opportunity to get featured as a success story presenter at the fifth International Investment Forum, and several testimonies from elite Industry veterans. The experience gained through his journey froman enthusiastic programmer to aproven IT leader has helped him shepherd Deskera to newer heights.

SME: Opportunities Abound

The SME sector has always been in want of competent enterprise management software. The existing enterprise management software largely focuses on serving the needs of multi-national corporations, thereby, leaving out the vast small-and-medium scale enterprises (SME) segment, a market which is both untapped and under served. Shashank Dixit along with other co-founders— Somesh Misra, Brajesh Sachan and Paritosh Mahana—identified that SMEs had limited access to software that is affordable, easy to deploy and configurable. To enable SMEs to run their businesses on an integrated, cloud based platform as well as scale the range of software to include various components of CRM, Project Management (PM) and Human Resource Management (HRM), the founders incepted Krawler India on 21stApril 2005. Peter Fleming, COO, explains, “SMEs are price-sensitive due to limited resources; our products represent a value proposition to them unlike our competitors who typically target large multi-national companies.”

Krawler was later incorporated in Singapore to serve as the base for the group’s operations. It developed CRM software to serve the front-end needs of businesses in functions such as marketing, sales and services. Subsequently, to complement its CRM products, the company also expanded its range of ERP software that helped in streamlining the business processes. In particular, newly developed PM software now allowed for effective project planning and standardization of project execution processes, while HRM software enabled businesses to simplify HR processes and maximize employee performance. In order to fully capitalize on evolving technologies and enhance the value proposition of its deliverable, the company in 2012 developed its cloud delivery platform, Deskera—cloud-based enterprise software to manage business processes more effectively. “Our products are designed to cover all the core processes including sales, finance and human resources. We help customers manage their day-to-day critical back-office, front-office and web operations anytime and through multiple channels,” adds Shashank.

HRMS: Juggling it all at Once

The operational excellence of a company primarily depends on its internal processes. A strong HR process, for instance, improves overall organizational efficiency. Automating the HR processes further adds to the productivity improvements. Simple HR tasks: planning and managing the recruitment process, when performed manually, increase operational cost and time. Whereas using automated and integrated software solution helps in tracking and monitoring applicants, create & post vacancies, manage payrolls, on-boarding, promote trainees to staff and manage resources efficiently on a daily basis. Deskera’s HRMS solution covers the entire life cycle of the HR processes; it manages the hire-to-retire cycle, tracks productivity for each employee, and maximizes ROI on human capital. The integrated solution also includes tools for leave administration, payroll processing and claims management, recruitment management and tracking milestones.

'DeskeraeLeave' is a hassle-free tool for applying leaves and maintaining the leave status of the employees. Peter expounds, “Our flexible leave management system empowers your organization to effectively apply leave policies, lowers leave administration costs and ensures a more productive workforce.” The online leave application process eliminates unnecessary paper work and saves a lot of time wasted in administrative bottle necks
involved in manual process. Besides, it generates comprehensive report to help analyze the leave and attendance patterns in an organization. Deskera's 'Expense Claims Management Application', on the other hand, automates and streamlines the entire claims management work flow and expedites the claims processing cycle. Real time reports come handy in tracking and analyzing the claims trend and monitor individual employees expenses.

Training is another important aspect that improves productivity and collaboration among employees. Deskera’s 'eTraining and Talent Management Suite' is an all-in-one intuitive training management system. It's built-in with features such as Competency Management, Training Needs Analysis Management, Training Funds (HRDF) and Claims Management, Trainer Management, Employee Growth Path and Resource Management. It efficiently manages simple to complex training structures and training courses, and helps HR personals plan, track and manage the knowledge base of an organization.

Deskera Holdings Pte Ltd was founded from an idea, to a concept, to what it is today— a leading open source HRMS company

Deskera’s Suite of Integrated Software

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, increasing business productivity remains a must. Living in an era where time equals money, increasing the productivity is a complex undertaking. Well designed ERP, PM and CRM software has been shown to improve organizational productivity and provide clear business benefits in the long run. To that end, Desker’s ERP, PM and CRM products are modern as well as easy to use, open-source, cloud-hosted and web-based software that takes care of business dynamics. The company’s ERP system facilitates recording and processing of customers' financial transactions from invoices to purchase orders, inventory tracking and receipts generation. The software provides integrates sales processes such as real-time inventory alerts, purchase processing, billing management, generating balance sheets reports, budget assignment, expense tracking, cash flow monitoring, warehouse management and manufacturing. More over, it assists companies to comply with stipulated statutory requirements such as GST Form 5 and IRAS Audit File.

Project Planning and Management: Managing it all

Deskera Project Management is an integrated solution that provides project planning, collaboration and resource management functionalities for enterprise as well as team level project management. Project management personals can view status of the on-going projects and generate progress reports and create work plans. Its Instant messaging function is helpful in collaborating with team members. The reporting interface is intuitive and helps monitor project performance and run analytics for deep insight into the collected data.

Yet another software from Deskera's repertoire is its CRM solution. It provides a host of feature rich tools that help in automating critical sales processes from leads generation, to qualification and promotional activities. The product provides services such as managing marketing campaigns, e-mail marketing, generating intuitive business statistics such as graphs and tables, and recording and tracking account details. Deskera’s productis a cloud based, SaaS solution, comprising of a simple configurable interface that meets the market needs and reduces the burden of customization. The pre-configured features allow Deskera’s products to cover a wide range of functionality while being cost effective to deploy and manage. The company encourages business owners to focus more on productivity, performance and efficiency that drives innovation in their day to day operations to achieve excellence and growth.

Miles to Go before they Sleep

In a short span of 10 years, Deskera, a private limited company has become one of the leading providers of cloud based enterprise software and applications. It has won several awards and certifications like '2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Award' and CIOReview's '20 Most Promising CRM Solution Provider 2015'. Deskera HRMS is compliant with CPF and IRAS guidelines and is listed on the compliant vendor list for Singapore. Shashank explains, “Given the quality of Deskera’s products, our software has gained traction and has won a number of industry awards.” The company’s products are listed on the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore's pre-qualified infocomm packages, under the auspices of iSPRINT program and SPRING Singapore's list of pre-qualified integrated solutions providers under the scope of the Innovation & Capability Voucher program. Organizations’ implementing Deskera's products have gained definitive competitive edge in the marketplace, and in their success, Deskera foresees its own success.