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25 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers

FlexSystem: A Leading Provider of Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid Software Solutions

Adam Lok, Founder and Global CEO

FlexSystem is a privately owned company, founded in 1986, that provides solutions to corporations of all sizes in 38 countries. We focus on the development of management accounting and HRMS solutions. These can be deployed “on premise”, cloud or hybrid mode and they solve today’s domain specific accounting, HR and operational issues. They also work across your existing disparate systems.

Due to legacy issues and the nature of management accounting,financial and operational processes today contain too much friction meaning that too much time is spent on transaction processing, controls and decision support with too little time on management activities. This is about to change.

Leveraging latest technologies, the solutions from FlexSystem allow companies to remove complex processes and complex tasks which slow down financial and operational processes. With the ability for an end user, with domain knowledge, to define full or partially automated processes from data collection, through all process flows to reporting, focus time can be spent, by end-users, on value creation and removing business friction.

In the event of any unplanned or planned staff changes or for continual improvement purposes, defined processes can be “played back” step by step, for a deeper under standing as to its specific purpose. Processes therefore do not require users to mull over the last incumbent’s spread sheet designs, if they available at all, allowing users to be quickly productive with reduced down time.

Reporting or contextual alert capability is now at any stage of the process and can provide normal, ad hoc reports or work flows depending on the business outcome.
Software robots can provide additional value through data rankings and can even add value to static or decision report creation by self-analysing variances to include additional contextual reports for user clarity. Additionally “on screen” pointers, which do not print on the report, can guide the process owner as to potential areas of concern.

Adam Lok commented “So what is different? Essentially the latest hardware and software technologies, when combined with the ability for end-users to design ultra-efficient process logic, not only leads to ultra-fast process execution but also leaves room for continual monitoring and business simulation capability.” He continued “FlexSystem enables its customers to make smooth transitions away from reactive management to being proactive and to there fore “reverse” that anecdotal 80 percent of available departmental time being focused on process, with only 20 percent of time on management, to provide tangible value creation.”

FlexSystem also simplifies HR operations through Bridge Builder HRMS. This can be implemented as either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 solution, either providing HR functionality linked with a locally produced in-country payroll, or deployed in conjunction with SAP, Oracle or Workday to provide local compliance together with Employer Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) solution capability. Bridge Builder also provides the reconciliation capability between the two systems and our solutions also add additional value by allowing for the automation of complex payroll commission calculations.

Leveraging latest technologies, FlexSystem allow companies to remove complex processes and complex tasks which slow down financial and operational processes

Adam Lok added “These solutions work well across multiple segments including the very demanding financial services and retail sectors. They can work in isolation or across your existing disparate systems. They can be on-line, offline, centralized or decentralized allowing corporations flexibility to achieve value creation and to remove process bottlenecks. A major step forwards.”