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25 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers

Infostrategy: Integrated HRM and Talent Management Software Solutions

Eric Lin, Director

Human resource remains one of the most critical business functions that makes a notable impact on how organizations fare in the market. Thus, it’s crucial for businesses to ensure that their HR operations are managed well and at the same time, are synchronized with technology, especially in this era when technology seems to be taking over almost all the processes. Today, businesses rely on data driven recruitment and extensive usage of software, technology and collaborative tools for other functions for HRM. Everything from hiring to performance reviews is managed through advanced software systems that make management of data and thereafter analysis remarkably convenient.This is what the founding team of Infostrategy assures to deliver with its customer-centric human resource solutions. Initially started as a system application developer, Shanghai based Infostrategy now develops HCM applications and talent management software systems. It was the company’s first ever opportunity to develop an employee training management system that made it believe that an easy to use application system is an accelerator to execute HR Strategy. Since then, it has been developing HCM applications for the world’s leading businesses.

Infostrategy helps organizations formulate capable HR strategies to further improve employee engagement and productivity. “Our solutions help drive alignment across your entire organization by breaking down your strategy into a series of goals, cascading those goals to every employee in the company, and then tracking progress against those goals,” explicates Lawje Jiang, COO, Infostrategy. The organization has successfully developed various software solutions including HRPLAND, TMS Enterprise Training Management, Marketing Pilot and Weblight BPM Business. These products help businesses manage employee profiles, time & attendance, learning, goal & performance management, reporting and so on.
Infostrategy’s extensive array of integrated solutions also complies with the available range of mobile devices and functions across the suite. Besides, the Infostrategy team also provides pre-sales consulting, training, online consultation and agility support to each of its clients so as to help them understand the value delivered by the organizations and its solutions.

Detailing the company’s service portfolio, Jiang says, “We offer solutions for every part of the employee life cycle to make sure that you can find the right people, get them in the right roles and can reward, motivate and develop them into future leaders." Infostrategy’s vision is to help its clients manage all spheres of human resource management through its software solutions to further ensure utmost operational efficiency. The company with its integrated HRM and talent management software solutions has reached out to over 200K users across 60 plus industries. It has garnered a vast client base comprising of numerous leading names such as Siemens, Akzo Nobel, Diageo, Boeing, Amkor,3M and Panasonic.

Infostrategy helps organizations formulate capable HR strategies to further improve employee engagement and productivity

Infostrategy help sits clients drive focus, visibility and accountability across their businesses through its HCM applications.The company’s easy to use and integrated system application continues to be its biggest strength. Even in the years to come, the organization aims to focus on the product segment, more specifically workforce planning and analytics. Further, the company plans to focus on geographical expansion in the future. Going forward, the company’s vision is to expand across the APAC region.