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25 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers

iTalent Management: Helping Businesses Streamline and Automate HR Operations through iTalent@sky

Victor Phang, Managing Director

Wise hiring decisions and human capital management lay a strong foundation for a business. It’s crucial for organizations to recruit capable and competent professionals and to have reliable human resource management system to sustain them. Thus today, even small organizations adapt to the idea of implementing human resource (HR) information system to keep their HR processes on track. It doesn’t just effectively manage the various HR proceedings, but also helps managing HR costs more effectively. iTalent Management, a human capital management and cloud computing company based in Malaysia helps organizations to just this.

iTalent was initially focused on payroll outsourcing management, but soon the founding team realised the need to shift to a more integrated and sustainable system and as an outcome the HR cloud computing system iTalent@sky was developed. “iTalent@sky is an innovation for the company as it helped us make a swift move from being a traditional payroll outsourcer to a digital HR provider,” says Victor Phang, Managing Director, iTalent Management. iTalent@sky uses a fully integrated system which covers the entire spectrum of recruitment, compensation, performance management and exit strategies.

iTalent’s objective is to provide digitalized HR services to accelerate manual processes for an efficient HR management. It provides fully integrated human resource solutions including HR Management Software, Payroll and HR Outsourcing. iTalent helps businesses streamline and automate the processes. It’s a one-stop solution for talent management, which is fully integrated with the most comprehensive HR modules including employees’ personal data, leave application, payroll management, attendance monitoring functions and other significant HR elements.
iTalent has powerful HR solutions to its name, one of which is performance management module, i.e., Performance+. As an improved version designed to be more progressive than the rest of other HR solutions, it comes to the aid of managers who can determine specific KPIs for the employees. It also helps managers generate people analytics web that resembles people’s true potential for the organisation. Victor adds, “This potential analysis enables managers to construct and compare within the five categories; employee, ranking, section, department, subsidiary in five criteria; character, commitment, competency, creativity, company awareness.” Owing to the innumerable benefits associated with its solutions, iTalent has built a vast client base which includes leading names such as Sony, JayaOne, eMart, TiongNam Motor, Baliayu Spa & Beauty and others.

iTalent’s objective is to provide digitalized HR services with the implementation of automation technology to accelerate manual processes for an efficient HR management

The world is stepping into the digital era and team iTalent is working to keep up with it. Thus, as a relevant effort, it has come up with its HR integrated system, which helps transform people management. iTalent’s vision is to be a digital HR provider carrying big data in the cloud to be transfigured into hundreds and thousands potential analytics to further elevate productivity and profitability. The company also aims to enrich end-to-end user experience through mobile apps. “As much as mobile devices are empowering people routines now ad days, we anticipate iTalent@sky mobile app to be on the screen of every people under the cloud of iTalent@sky,” explains Chai Yung Joon, System Innovation Director, iTalent Management.