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25 Most Promising Unified Communication Solution Providers

BlueJeans Network: Enabling Productive Interactions through Video Communication

Mike Mansbach, President

Visual presence has become an essential ingredient for businesses to succeed as it helps build trust within and among business professionals. Since face-to-face interactions impact businesses in a greater manner, video conferencing has become a sought after means communication for consumers and employees alike. With the increasing acceptance of video conferencing in the business world, enterprises are keen to deploy this tool in order to enhance collaboration, optimize travel cost and mitigate the physical gap between colleagues working across distances. Although there exist countless video conferencing solutions, however, most of the available video conferencing solutions are either fragmented, siloed, prohibitively expensive, or not scalable and secure enough to be trusted by larger businesses. Simplifying these challenges is the Mountain View, California based firm BlueJeans Network that provides cloud-based conferencing services that enable people to connect any time, any place and from any device.

Founded in 2009, BlueJeans Network delivers a secure, global platform that enables a video culture for employees, partners and customers. The company has built a comprehensive platform for today’s globally distributed, modern workforce with video communications at the core. Krish Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder and CEO, BlueJeans elucidate, “There is a transformation happening among business today - face-to-face video is quickly rising as the preferred communications medium, offering new opportunities for deeper personal relations and outreach, as well as for improved internal and external collaboration.” The BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud extends a video culture internally and externally by uniting single-click video experiences, powerful IT management tools and a rich ecosystem of integration partners. This cloud-based service connects devices together into multi-party video conferences without utilizing MCU hardware.
The company interoperates with leading hardware endpoints and third party applications to deliver an immersive video experience that integrates with the tools and systems workers use.

Starting from the ground up, BlueJeans has always designed its own plans to meet the client’s needs. The company’s BlueJeans Meetings deliver touch-to-join simplicity, HD video and screen sharing for any combination of conference room systems, mobile devices, phones and browsers. Next, in its BlueJeans Prime time, the organization engages nearly 5,000 attendees for creating a new way for audiences to participate and interact. Through BlueJeans Relay for Room Systems, the company makes room system deployments easier to use and manage with calendar integration and touch-to-join meeting simplicity. By connecting with the unified communications such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber, the company expands the reach of the video conference while making the video conference with colleagues, customers and external partners effort less. Using BlueJeans video conferencing services, the participants of a meeting from their conference room video system can easily share content such as presentations, spread sheets and videos.

BlueJeans Network delivers a secure, global platform that enables a video culture for employees, partners and customers

BlueJeans’ passion to make video communication easy and its innate zeal to replace every audio call with a video call has helped it to build a strong foothold in the industry. In less than a decade, the company has served a myriad of bigwigs including LinkedIn, Facebook and Stanford University, apart from its other 25 million users from global companies. Mike Mansbach, President, BlueJeans, further adds, “BlueJeans will continue to innovate and build services to scale with the world’s leading brands to deliver end-to-end video experiences that are trusted by IT organizations and loved by users.”