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Kapish: Driving HP Record Manager as the key to excellence.

It would be so untrue if we said content managers are complex and hassle. Not merely talking about the data classification but the vivid operational advantages the HPE Record Manager has brought about in the previous decades. There are many a companies that innovate day-night the way records are managed through out the system: a breeze. Kapish, founded in 2007 aims at to provide its customers with the best software, services and support for all versions of the Electronic Document and Records Management System, HPE Records Manager(HPE RM). Kapish based out of Australia, caters to clients with everyday challenges that revolve around information governance, and document / records management through software and services that improve the user experience and maximise return on investment.
With years of experience and technical know-how in the Record Management industry, Kapish proves to be the excellence behind the smooth functioning of HP Records Manager solving any tricky problems, whats oever. The service team helps you configure and customise HP RM across any business need, assuring the efficiency of applied knowledge of information management and record keeping concepts. From ground work set-up, data migration, integration with third party, Development, health checks into established systems, Migration and training materials, Kapish excels as one-stop solution to all of your Record Management needs.

Not only a HP Gold Partner, Kapish stands tall to be an authorized training provider with many HP RM accredited and certified training programs. These training programs are usually designed to enable the attendees to perform daily maintenance tasks including creating, finding and managing records.