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Prestige Atlantic Asia Sdn Bhd: Implementing HP Software in Paper and Packaging Industry

‘Great Companies are formed because founders want to change the world, but not make a fast buck’ is an adage that has proved to be true for mere handful of idealistic businesses of today. Though partnership over businesses sounds unchallenging, but reaching the pinnacle of success is always not as lucrative as presented. Only if founding partner shave similar outlook and imperativeness towards innovation, to a large extent, it can benefit Organizations operation, followed with success. The prominent exemplification of this proverb is the elite Berkshire Hathaway Inc, which is mushrooming due to the fateful partnership between management tycoon Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger,for over fifty years. This marking partnership has fetched the Company remarkable success and profits, as well as motivated many other business partners to follow the track to innovate out-of-the-box. But, hardly does a partnership sustain and excel. An anomaly to this is Jeff Lye and the late Pang’s lusty partnership that laid the foundation of Prestige Atlantic Sdn Bhd. It is solely their admirable partnership that bestowed the company operating in the niche segment of paper and packaging industry umpteen successes and prestigious awards like 100 Fast Moving Companies in Malaysia, 2013 and International Asia Pacific Honesty Enterprise, 2014 among others. The Company provides wide spectrum of tailor made solutions like Project Consultation, 24 x 7 supports, Annual maintenance, Server installation and testing, Loan server, HP Financing, call-to Repair Commitment and Personalized System Support. Jeff Lye, CEO, elucidates, “We believe in providing the right services that will get your software up and running fast, keeps it operating at peak levels, and ensure that IT supports your business goals.

At the Onset of the Journey:

Prior to the Prestige Atlantic venture, Jeff Lye was employed as a Software Manager, while late Pang was appointed as System Analyst in the same company. Due to the looming financial crisis then both were terminated from their employment. This impact enforced Jeff Lye to work as a freelance programmer. Doing so, he gradually secured a programming project for a Malaysian listed-company specialized in paper mills, corrugated carton and waste paper collection. As the opportunities boomed, Jeff Lye decided to form his own company, and therefore, invited Pang to be his partner. Together, they then rented a 68 sq. feet office with mere RM 2.00 paid-up capital. As they were aware about the first hand benefits of HP’s business critical growth programs, the founders decided to partner with HP to reap the utmost benefits of its Software. Jeff comments, “We have established good partnership with each HP Company in ASEAN region.” The Company gets engaged with its every client right from designing phase to the implementation of solution, and from project support time until improving the businesses. Within little more than two decade, Prestige Atlantic Asia’s business dynamics transformed, and today it is not only constrained with customers located in Malaysia, but also serves across Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. Alice Tan, Chief Software Development, adds, “The customers recognize Prestige Atlantic Asia as a global HP software partner that comes with HP’s endorsement and commitment.”

CPS/Enterprise: An Integrated Solution

The rapidly evolving business dynamics and heightened competition ascertains new technologies are hitting market now-and-then. As a result, proven technologies are slowly phasing out. This interoperability of new-fangled technologies with the existing ones presents grievous challenges to the enterprises.Following a stringent process can only deliver result and ensure quality services. Paper and packaging industry is not an exception either: as hundreds of cartoon boxes and custom-made orders are managed on a daily basis. The industry demands solution that can run and track each order like Estimation, Quotation, Order, Planning, Manufacturing, Inventory, Logistics, Quality Defects and Accounting.

Prestige Atlantic Asia’s CPS/Enterprise benefits are un-matching and exclusive. It streamlines business processes, improves productivity, efficiency and responsiveness, reduces cost through increased flexibility, provides immediate access to enterprise information, adapts to changing business as well as collaborates over the Internet. Ally Sia, Business Director, spells, “Our business objective is to equip you with the right technology and innovation to streamline your business and manufacturing processes to help you stay ahead.” Moreover, Prestige Atlantic also provides sales and technical training services.
For instance, when Intapac Group of Singapore –specialized in waste resource recovery, paper distribution, and stationary and book store retail business—decided to scale up its stand alone software product with integrated ERP system, it was looking for a software provider to improve its control, boost efficiency, and accelerate its responses.Above all, the Company’s principle motto then was to deploy a single product, particularly,for its niche industry demands. So after validating every aspect, Intapac choose solution from HPE partner Prestige Atlantic, based on Prestige’s Retail Expert ERP software. To run Prestige Atlantic’s software, HPE server is backed by HPE DAT 160 Tape Drive. This software comprehensively manages distribution and retail for paper and stationery businesses. The integrated ERP solution runs on a high performance HPE server, and helps Intrapac to move to electronic file transfer, saves time during data entry, simplifies the management, supports in decision making, and further simplifies Company’s production of reports.Prestige Atlantic’s this ERP software has invariably bolstered the management and reporting of Intapac.

This is not an isolated success record of Prestige Atlantic Asia’s professionalism and efficency. Likewise, for PT Wirajaya Packindo, United Paper Industries in Singapore, PT SKL, Nisol and Golden Frontier Packaging, the Company has provided support beyond imagination. Alice Tan, Chief Software Development, explains, “We provide software, whereas HP provides quality and committed installation services, after-sales service and annual maintenance program, which in itself is unique.”

Cloud Computing at the Forefront

Cloud as a technology is gushing innovations and bringing strident transformations in every domain. Cloud services over the years are, expectedly, growing leaps and bounds to offer higher output and speedy ROI, consistent quality, and less waste. Of late, cloud has also emerged as the recognized gold standard for pouch packaging technology. Weighing this, Prestige Atlantic started offering CPS cloud—the first of its kind of solution-in-a-box—in Southeast Asia that revolutionized the Corrugated Converting Business operations.CPS Cloud is empowered with the most reliable and trustworthy HP Integrity enterprise servers and HP-UX operating system. Indeed the servers are well equipped with high-performance internet access, power protection, air-condition, fire-proof building and has tight security. It is hosted in Data Centres that operates 24 x 7. With CPS cloud, auto Delivery Order, Invoice and issue invoice after Delivery Order that is signed can be run. Moreover, it also manages entire GL operation, AP operation, production scheduling, and setup User Password and provide permission to access.

Shipping of the accurate goods is of paramount importance, which otherwise can bring harsh consequences for the businesses. PMIX/3ensures easy and fast way to book inventory and process customer orders. This chained Shipment Note to Logistic affirms the shipment of the right product and quantity.Jeff explains, “As logistic staff loads the inventory onto the Truck, the system automatically gets ready the Delivery Order without any further processing in the office.”

Customers recognize Prestige Atlantic Asia as a global HP software partner that comes with HP’s endorsement and commitment

The waste paper recycle business is freaky and posses lot of price differentiation. Retail Expert is the flagship distribution and retail-end business software of Prestige Atlantic. This software is principally for books, stationeries, paper-based stationery products, paper bag, educational products, etc. It offers a matrix of modules how semi finished paper products will look. e-Green is yet another product that manages the complex inventory management, connects all the outlets into a centralized system, and provides on-time accounting and management reports. Basically, e-Green maintains a tight control of pricing on a daily basis.

People and Core Technology: Paving the way

Although, Technology flawlessly integrates all facets of businesses, however, Organizations often stumble to convince customers to embrace it.Prestige Atlantic deeply understands this and to alleviate this blindly relies on its core team to help clients understand the essentials of it. Given the niche Technology the Company employs, Prestige Atlantic Asia has been selected by the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia as one of high potential companies to expand into the entire ASEAN market. Jeff states, “Our benefits are intangible – for example speed, accuracy, efficiency, and helps businesses save money and time”. Prestige Atlantic is further planning to spearhead services in the entire ASEAN by 2018 with its vibrant team—a step that would further fortify company’s current leadership position and product in the paper and packaging industry.