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Questech: Connecting Businesses through HP

Selecting the right provider for Enterprise Networking has been a major dilemma that most organizations have faced for the past couple of decades. The battle between HP and IBM for that coveted number one spot was a monumental event of the early naughties which saw much ebb and flow in the hierarchy of the networking giants. Questionix was a company that was caught in the cross fires of this contention in 2003 when it was partnering with IBM. As HP started cementing its lead, it became the organization in demand for networking concerns. Staying true to its philosophy of ‘Customer Satisfaction’, Questionix after much deliberation decided that it would be prudent to add HP’s server, storage and networking to its service portfolio. In November 2003, Questionix forged a partnership with HP Philippines,Inc. Despite an initial slump due to a foray into uncharted waters, the company was successful in reinventing it self to incorporate HP networking solutions as a major service offering. To further identify itself as an HP enterprise company, Questionix was further rebranded to Questech in 2005.

Over the years Questech has been quite successful in building a strong reputation as a reliable enterprise HP partner for server, storage and services. However the company’s reach was limited due to the lack of end to end to end services in its offerings. To this end Questech sought the help of MEC who through their VP offered a one day crash course on comprehensive networking 101.
These efforts enabled Questech to develop a market for HP Procurve and earned them recognition as HP’s Procurve Focus Partner. HP’s acquisition of 3Com and Tipping Point further enabled Questech to join the Tier 1 HP Network and Security Partners.

HP’s acquisition of 3Com and Tipping Point further enabled Questech to join the Tier 1 HP Network and Security Partners

Today over 70 percent of Questech’s business is driven by HP infrastructure solutions. The company’s status as HP’s Partner One Specialist also facilitates the provision of a unique programme called ‘Good House keeping’ which is specifically patterned to provide a brief analysis/health check of clients’ data centres. This service truly differentiates the company from its peers owing to its largely consumer compliant and reliable nature. Questech’s contributions to the telecommunication industry in the Philippines also have been quite noteworthy. The company’s partnership with Philippines’ leading telco, PLTD is a testimony to this fact. Questech has been quite successful in providing 24/7 on-site support to PLTD while maintaining their HP servers on which about 70 percent of their business critical operations run. For the Banking sector in the country Questech offers agile and scalable HP solution to ensure sound investment returns to clients. In the years to come the company further intends to fortify its roots in the Philippines through the growing customer base it has established there, and eventually branch out to other locations while adapting to various advancements in technology. “We thrive to transform in being one of the leading Solutions Provider, a partner of choice of our growing roaster of accounts,” says Angelo R. Balili, President & CEO, Questech.