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Entity Solutions: Always adapting and providing innovative solutions for the contingent workforce

Matthew Franceschini,CEO & Co-founder

The world of work is constantly evolving and Entity Solutions is no stranger to that. It is, in fact, the foundation upon which the company was created. The rise of the contingent workforce produced a new market requiring compliant engagement and back office services to support this growing demographic. Enter four keen recruitment industry professionals who identified this emergent niche market and built a successful organisation based on meeting their demands. Entity Solutions, founded in 1999, provides a variety of support and operational functions to assist white-collar Independent Professionals (IPros) and the companies that engage them.

The early 90’s was a time of economicupheaval in Australia and many organisations were beginning to see the benefits of engaging contract workers, but weren’t aware of potential compliance risks and management costs. Similarly, for theIPros themselves, the introduction of the GST and superannuation-guarantee legislation made it increasingly difficult to simultaneously maintain their workloads as well as theadministrative duties associated with contract work.

Since its initial inception, the pioneering company has progressed into a full service solutions provider for this market,focusing on three fundamental areas: Business Solutions, Independent Professional (IPro) Solutions and Migration Solutions.As part of the IPro offering, individuals are given access to a compliant structure in which to carry out their contract roles, ensuring that all statutory obligations and insurance requirements are met. Businesses are offered a wide range of services, including providing comprehensive contractor management, migration, payroll, business and back-office services.

Another vital aspect of their service is Migration Solutions. The complex Migration laws in Australia make it mandatory that all migration advice be provided by Registered Migration Agents.

Entity Solutions employs Registered Migration Agents who provide advice as well as preparation and lodgement of business sponsorship, temporary and permanent visa applications, in accordance with all relevant regulations.
This allows businesses to employ talented staff from overseas, with out the worry of lengthy visa application processes, which can be a deterrent.

Entity Solutions boasts an extensive team of experts who design innovative workforce solutions, delivering tailored responses to each customer’s unique requirements with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.The company is also highly focused on the development of its technological assets, derived from a strong understanding of its customers.

The road to success was not always smooth and in the mid 2000’s strong competition almost forced the company to close its doors. As CEO and co-founder, Matthew Frances chini, believes now with the benefit of retrospect, it was a pivotal moment when the company could either match competitors’ questionable offerings or stay true to their core values. They chose the path of best practice and legal compliance and it was decided that in order to continue on and grow the business, they had to adapt their business model. “Every business should adapt, change and evolve very quickly in today’s competitive, unpredictable and volatile market,” Franceschini says. The changes proved successful and today, the company is partnered with more than 600 businesses including 5 of the top 10 ASX listed companies.

Entity Solutions is also highly focused on the development of its technological assets, derived from a strong understanding of its customers

The future of Entity Solutions promises constant developments, expanding on the current transaction model by offering broader service ranges to existing and new customers. The company is excited about plans for market expansion andnew services in the pipeline, further cementing their strong hold in a market which, due to talent shortages, is experiencing its greatest demand.