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25 Most Promising Compliance Solution Providers

EP2: A Proactive Solution for PCI Compliance

Paul Bird,CEO

In today’s technology entangled times the the ft of credit card detail and other sensitive data is one of the most crucial challenges faced by enterprises. Companies put in relent less efforts to bolster their security systems to stay safe from malicious attacks. Building and maintaining a strong framework for PCI Compliance is the only solution that can substantially reduce the problems faced by organizations when seeking to achieve safer and faster passage of payment transactions. Having figured out the need for a perfect solution, EP2 was founded in 2011, initially as an enterprise payment gateway, with the intent of designing and developing a best practice ‘one stop’ solution to address all technical components of PCI Compliance.

Paul Bird, CEO EP2 adds, “EP2’s wide array of PCI Compliance as a Service Solutions includes our Level 1 PCI Compliant Secure Hosting Service, Co-located “Intelligent” Payment Switch, Level 1 PCI Compliant Secure Agent Assisted Payments for Contact Centers, and Customer Portal.” The company’s Payment Switch is co-located in the same secure physical environment as the client’s business application which enables customers to use a superior secure host-to-host integration methodology thereby enhancing website performance and end-user experience; and also providing an integration that is generally preferred by developers.

EP2’s “Intelligent” Payment Switch is hosted in the same physical environment so that transactions no longer need to travel over the public internet to get to the payment gateway, there by, increasing security and improving transaction speeds. The Secure Hosting Services of the company have been built to the highest standards for security, availability and performance across multiple Tier 1 Data Centers. It’s every service maintains or exceeds all relevant security standards and features 24/7 Security Monitoring and SIEM.

EP2’s infrastructure has been built from the ground up with PCI-DSS compliance and security at the fore front of its design. EP2 also has a philosophy of “continuous compliance” and has partnered with leading Australian QSA, Vectra Corporation, to ensure the ongoing compliance of the environment meaning that EP2’s customers can be reassured that, at any point in time, the physical environment being provided by EP2 is PCI compliant and is being continuously monitored by Vectra.
Moreover, the company’s implementation process is relatively simple via a ‘Lift and Shift’ process that moves only the applicable part of the client’s application to the EP2 environment. As, its cloud based solution is just plug and play, implementation is easy. The integration process from the customer’s website is simple and delivers them superior performance and end-user experience.

By leveraging DTMF masking technology, EP2’s Cloud based Contact Center Solution removes the customer’s Call Center almost entirely from scope for PCI. This solution delivers the best customer experience possible as the Contact Center Agent can remain on the phone while customer keys their credit card information. The company’s customer portal completes the process of achieving and maintaining PCI Compliance by enabling the customer to undertake their ASV Scanning and complete their Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) online.

EP2’s infrastructure has been built from the ground up with PCI-DSS compliance and security at the forefront of its design

EP2’s specialized Secure Cloud Platform delivers its customers with a safe and secure, PCI Compliant, dedicated hosting environment to store credit Card and Personal Identification Information which is monitored 24/7 by Company’s Security Operations Center. Paul says, “Our solutions will always continue to evolve to meet or exceed all relevant standards which means that our customers can focus on the things that are important to achieving success in their core businesses.”

This customer-centric firm has so far worked with industry pioneers such as Amaysim, UniversalMusic, iSubscribe and Starlight Children’s Foundation to name a few. Moving forward, the company seeks to develop and enhance the automation processes for products in order to enhance customer usability. The firm will also develop its 24/7 security and compliance solutions across the public cloud environments. EP2is also seeking to expand its products in to the American, European and Asian markets.