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Health Legal: A Compliance Leader in the HealthCare Industry

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The healthcare sector in Australia has seen gradual introduction of laws and policy changes that ensure transparent administration of legal regulatory compliance. Hundreds of organizations throughout the country are already seeking expert legal advice for a legal solution that is cost effective, commercial and pragmatic. Put simply, they are vying hard to gain a trusted team of advisors with a breadth of experience and insight who can guide them in the key areas of compliance. Recognizingthis challenging market scenario, in 2003, Natalie Franks laid down the groundwork that lead to the inception of Health Legal, an organization that strives to meet the daily legal needs of the healthcare, community and aged sector.

From the outset, Natalie recognized that healthcare and aged care providers were obliged to meet hundreds of laws but due to resourcing constraints, organizations were failing to identify those laws which applied to them. Another major roadblock that companies faced was in understanding and updating these legal obligations. In order to meet these needs, Health Legal created its compliance service – which today trades under the name ‘Law Compliance’.

Using its robust internal resources, Health Legal/Law Compliance is driving the adoption of information and tools that enable clients to assess and manage regulatory initiatives as well as the new policies and practices of these areas.Law Compliance offers a legislative compliance solution which provides a cost effective ‘off the shelf’ solution which makes legislative compliance easy. It removes the time which organizations spend determining what laws apply to them and keeps themselves abreast of changes to those laws.
Law Compliance further summarizes all Acts and Regulations which apply to an organization and then assists those companies to monitor compliance.

By allowing organizations to easily communicate legislative changes within the company, Law Compliance ensures compliance, so as to minimize the risks of fines, prosecutions, complaints and litigation.Due to the company’s core philosophy of providing low cost pragmatic solutions, Law Compliance is able to provide easy to use products on an extremely cost effective basis. A client reposed his faith by saying, “The quarterly reports and service (which Law Compliance provides) are invaluable to us. They play an integral role in maintaining compliance with legislative and relevant industry standards.”

Whilst initially a service which focused on the Victorian health sector, Law Compliance has experienced exponential growth in demand for its services which now span through out Australia to other highly regulated industries such as registered training organizations, retail, education, child care, welfare, disability services, aged care, community service and government. Through Law Compliance, several hundred Australian organizations have managed to be up-to-date with legal compliance obligations and direct themselves to a comprehensive, cost-effective and an easy to understand regulatory solution.

Each of the products and services which Law Compliance has developed has general application to all businesses and industries

Each of the products and services which Law Compliance has developed has general application to all businesses and industries. “As such, Law Compliance sees untapped potential in all industries – especially those which are highly regulated and who face heightened exposure if they are not aware of the laws which apply to them or if they do not have a compliance solution in place to satisfy those obligations,” concludes Natalie.